Pamunkey River

Pamunkey River
The Pamunkey River in 1864

Roster of Co. F., 3rd Virginia Cavalry, The New Kent Cavalry (Dragoons) Under Construction

some abbreviations used:
appt.  =  appointed
capt.  =  captured
det.    =  detached
dis.    =  discharged
disab. =  disability
exch.  =  exchanged
occu.  =  occupation
pris.   =  prisoner
wd.    =  wounded

on roster* = the individual appears on the company roster at the Library of Virginia but I could find no information on them in the papers of those said to be enlisted in the company.

    Commanding Officers
1. Capt. Melville Vaiden,(43-’61) - Original- died Dec. 1861(“Taken sick Oct. last and never returned to his command.”- Letter Vulosko Vaiden to Auditor, 1863) 

2.       Capt. Telemachus Taylor (28-’61) - May 1862—resigned due to illness July 1862 

3.   Capt. Jones R. Christian –(26-’61)(5’11”, Dk hair, Dk comp., Dk eyes)  elected 2nd Lt. Apr. ’62 promoted Captain Dec. ‘62- captured May 18, 1864 

     Officers- other 
4.     Brumley, George T., (39- ’61) 1st Sgt.  elected 1st  Lt. –Jun. ’61,–--- resigned Aug 1861       

5.     Clopton, William E., (40- ’61) promoted 2nd Lt.- Sept. ’61, promoted 1st Lt.- Apr.. ’62,   --- resigned Sept. 1862. Captured July 1, 1863. Exchanged Mar. 1864. (POW Roll Remark: “This person is not an officer and showed his accepted resignation when he was captured.”) 

6.    Lacy, Benjamin W.,(22-’61)prom. 1st Sgt. Sept. ’61- 1st  Lt. – Jan. ’63; I believe to have been commander of company through remainder of war  —“was born in New Kent county, January 27, 1839. He is a son of Richmond T. Lacy, who served eleven years in the legislature as an old-line Clay Whig, was commonwealth attorney of his county twenty-nine years, and well-known and honored throughout Virginia. Judge Lacy served the Confederacy in the field through the years of the civil war, enlisting as a private, and rising to the rank of first lieutenant commanding. His company was part of the famous 3d Virginia Cavalry of the army of Northern Virginia. He was wounded in action three times, and was at Appomattox with General Lee. He was educated at the University of Virginia, commenced the practice of law in 1866, in his native county, was elected judge of the county court of New Kent county in 1870, resigned in 1873, and was sent to the legislature. He served in the house of delegates four terms, a member of the committee for courts of justice the first three terms, the speaker of the house the fourth term. In 1880, he was elected judge of the 8th judicial circuit, which position he held to the entire satisfaction of the bar, and of the people of all shades of political opinion. He resigned the circuit judgeship in 1882, to go upon the court of appeals of Virginia, to which he was elected that year, and now he is serving as one of the judges of that court. He married Sallie R., daughter of the late Rev. Michael Osborne, of Farmville, Virginia, and they have an interesting family of children. The father of Mrs. Lacy was a Presbyterian clergyman, and well known in Southside Virginia. Judge Lacy's post office address is Tunstall's, New Kent county, Virginia.”(Source: Hardesty's Historical and Geographical Encyclopedia, H. H. Hardesty, 1884.) Transcribed by: T. Lindsay 

7.     Chandler, Oliver M.,(46-’61) orig. 1st Sgt.,  3rd  Lt.- Sept. ’61, 2nd  Lt. - Feb. ’62. Discharged Apr. ’62. 

8.    Christian, James S.,(22- “61) promoted 2nd Sgt. Feb. ’62, elected 2nd Lt. – Apr. ‘62 – Killed Sept 15, ’62, Boonsboro, MD 

9.    Crump, Edgar M.,(25-’61) 2nd Lt. – elected 3rd Lt. Jan. ’63, promoted 2nd Lt. Aug. ’63, (5’6”, Dk hair, light comp., hazel eyes). – “clerk of the county court of New Kent county, was born at Pear Cottage, this county, March 17, 1836, a son of David S. M. and Mary Ann (Ladd) Crump. His mother still lives in this county. She was the only child of David and Mary Ladd, her father coming from England to make his home in Kent county. Edgar M. Crump attended the Baptist College at Richmond, and then taught school for a time, in connection with farming. In 1853 he went to Bloomington, Illinois, engaged in a mercantile business and took charge of the Adams express at that point. Returning home he remained five months, then went to St. Louis, Missouri, and was ticket agent in railroad office and book-keeper three years. Then he went to Council Bluff, Iowa, where he stayed till he came home to enter into the Army of Virginia in the civil war. After the war he farmed two years, in 1867 went into business in Baltimore, again returned to his native county, and after two more years of farming was elected to his present office, his term expiring in November, 1887. He enlisted June 28, 1861, a private in Company F, 3d Virginia Cavalry, was in many fights and three times wounded. First a slight wound in a skirmish near Kellysville, Culpeper county, second a flesh wound just above the knee at Talleysville, New Kent county, the third wound a shot in the leg at Fort Fisher. He was taken to Harrisonburg, Rockingham county, to recover, was made prisoner there in 1864, and held until he took the oath of allegiance, June 23, 1865. In 1863 he received promotion to rank of third lieutenant. The father of Mr. Crump rode as high sheriff of New Kent county several years. The first marriage of Edgar M. Crump was solemnized August 17, 1871, and Ellen, daughter of John J. Green, became his wife. She died August 17, 1874, on the third anniversary of their marriage, leaving to her husband one son, David S. M., born October 28, 1872. At the residence of the bride's parents, July 29, 1875, Edgar M. Crump wedded Cora R. Green, who was born in New Kent county, and reared in Richmond. They have two daughters: Estelle, born May 10, 1876; Mary A., February 19, 1878. John J. and Martha E. R. W. (Williams) Green are the parents of Mrs. Crump. Her father is a native of King William county. Edgar M. Crump entered upon the discharge of the duties of his position in May, 1870, and his address is New Kent C.H., New Kent county, Virginia.”(Source:  Hardesty's Historical and Geographical Encyclopedia, H. H. Hardesty, 1884.) Transcribed by: T. Lindsay 

10.   McCheny, R., Lt. – possibly McKenney 

11.   Stamper, Henry W.,(25-’61) 2nd  Lt.-  elected from Sgt. Jan. ‘63- resigned commission June 1863 effective Aug. Requested apt. in Treasury Dept. 

12.   Savage, Southey L.,(29-’61) 2nd  Lt.—Feb. 1862, April ‘62 attached to the Adjutant and Inspector-General's Department of the CS Army. 

13.   Apperson, Robert C., Sgt., – enlist. 5th Sgt. Apr 3, ’62 “Howards Mill”; listed as “in hands of enemy since Jan 15, ‘64”; POW roll capt “ by Gen. Kilpatrick’s Cavalry” ”New Kent C.H. Mar 2, ’64; exch. Mar 14, ’65;

14.   Apperson, Samuel H., (20) Sgt.,. – enlist. Pvt. Jun 28, ‘61”Brick House”; AWOL “since Sept 20, ‘61 ”certificate of unfitness from physician referenced); promoted 4th Cpl. Feb ’62; promoted from 4th Cpl. Apr. ’62; listed as 3rd Sgt. Jul ’63; AWOL Jun 10, ’64; listed as retired Feb ’65, enlist. Invalid Corp Mar ’65 (5’11”,dk hair, dk comp, grey eyes )

15.   Bland, Robert E., Sgt.

16.   Calthorn, M.A., Sgt., -very limited information- was admitted to hospital Mar ’65 indicating he was still in service at that time.              

17.   Christian, William, Sgt. (24)

18.   Jones, Chesley M., Sgt. (35)

19.   Minor, Ed C., 1st Sgt. (20)

20.   Tyree, George W., Sgt. (25)

21.   Royster, J.J., Sgt.

22.   Williams, James C., Sgt. (26)

23.   Apperson, John C., Cpl.

24.   Bradenham, John R., Cpl. (21)- enlist Jun 28, ‘61”New Kent  C.H.”; promoted  1st Cpl. Apr ‘62

25.   Hicks, William A., Cpl., - enlist Jun 28, ‘61”New Kent  C.H.”; promoted 4th Cpl. Apr ‘62

26.   Mills, Archer W., Cpl.    (20) capt. 5/8/64 Spottsylvania CH (6’2”, fair comp, blue eyes, light hair)

27.   Pollard, William A., Cpl.(18-’62) (6’, fair comp, blue eyes. Light hair) occup student—“retired” Nov. ‘64

28.   Royster, Littleton, Cpl. (30-’61)

29.   Sherman, Michael, Cpl. (23)   dis-Oct. 1862 Phthisis pulmonalis (6’2’’, fair comp, blue eyes, brown hair)

30.   Marston, William W., Surgeon- (23-’61) surgeon Jan. ‘62

31.   Slater, Leonard A., Surgeon – “born in New Kent county,Virginia, in 1835, and Ellen H. Williams, born in this county in 1844, were here united in marriage in May, 1866. Their children are recorded: Clarence H. born in 1867, died in 1869; L. A., jr. born in 1869; John L., born in 1871, died in 1873; Lawrence W., born in 1873; William S., 1876; Mattie Lucile, 1879; Ellen W., 1883. John and Fluvanna P. (Saunders) Slater were the parents of Dr. Slater. They were born in New Kent county, and are no longer living. Leroy Williams, now deceased, and Susan (Richardson) Williams, were the parents of Ellen H., wife of Dr. Slater. He had two brothers, S. C. and J. S., who served the confederacy during its existence, the former in the express and telegraph department, and the latter as a soldier in the New Kent cavalry. At the outbreak of the civil war Leonard A. Slater enlisted in Company F, 3d Virginia Cavalry, Stewart's Division. In 1861 he was appointed assistant surgeon Confederate States Army, in hospital; in 1862 was appointed surgeon 15th Virginia Cavalry; in 1864 appointed surgeon of General Hospital at Columbia, South Carolina; then surgeon in charge of 2d Division of General Hospital No. 10, State of North Carolina, at Salisbury. Since the war he has been engaged in practice in New Kent county. He served as school trustee of Cumberland district 1879-84; county physician to almshouse, New Kent county, 1878-84. His post office address is New Kent C. H., New Kent county, Virginia.”(Source:  Hardesty's Historical and Geographical Encyclopedia, H. H. Hardesty, 1884.) Transcribed by: T. Lindsay

32.   Gregory, William T., Surgeon

33.   Wilkinson, William L., Quarter Master

34.   Adkins, W.F., -very limited information 

35.   Apperson, William A., .,- enlist. Pvt. Jun 28, ‘61”Brick House”; AWOL Oct 14, ’61 “sick at home”; detailed w/ wagons May ’64;

36.   Atkinson, Frank - enlist May 31, ‘64”Richmond AND Hawe’s Shop”;

37.   Atkinson, Henry A., - enlist Mar 15, ‘64”Richmond”; capt. Spotsylvania May 8, ’64-  flesh wd lft knee; pris. Elmira, NY; exch. Feb ‘65

38.   Atkinson, William E.,- enlist Mar 20, ‘64”Richmond”; capt. Aug 16, ‘64”Front Royal, Va”; pris. Elmira, NY; exch. Oct 29, ’64; Home listed as Richmond.

39.   Baldwin, George T., - enlist somewhere betw. Jan- Mar ‘64”Richmond”; listed as Camp Lee conscript trans. to Co. F Mar 7, ’64;

40.   Ballard, William – limited info.; hospital card Sept ‘64

41.   Blayton, John (39) – enlist Apr 7. ‘63”Culpepper C.H.”;

42.   Blayton, William A. (38) enlist Jun 28, ‘61”New Kent C.H.”; sick in hospital most of ’62; disch. Oct 15, ’62 “over 35”

43.   Boswell, James W. (18)

44.   Boyd, George G.            

45.   Bradley, Pleasant  (22)- enlist Jun 28, ‘61”New Kent  C.H.”; paroled Apri ‘65

46.   Bradley, R.,- enlist May “64”Hawes Shop”; 

47.   Bradley, Robert (21)- enlist Jun 28, ‘61”New Kent  C.H.”; disch Jan ’63 “bronchial””cannot speak above a whisper” (6’, fair comp, blue eyes, light hair)

48.   Burnett, Washington - enlist Jan ‘64”Richmond”

49.   Burr, Henry D. – promoted staff officer 1862

50.   Christian, Armistead     

51.   Christian, John D., Jr. (25)

52.   Christian, Robert O. (24)

53.   Christian, William C.

54.   Clark, Wm. Alpheus

55.   Clarke, Richard A. (22)

56.   Clarke, William R.  (31) 

57.   Coke, W.A.

58.   Cook, William E.

59.   Crump, D. W.   

60.   Crump, George T.

61.   Crump, H. Clay

62.   Crump, Hammond F. (20)

63.   Crump, John W. (26)

64.   Crump, L.

65.   Crump, Z. Taylor

66.   Cumber, Wm. N. (43) - bugler

67.   Dandridge, Bat C.

68.   Davis, John A.

69.   Davis, William B.

70.   Dell, John D.

71.   Dixon, Richardson

72.   Elliott, Walter A.

73.   Ellyson, Alfred B.

74.   Ellyson, D.B.

75.   Ellyson, Lemuel G. (29)

76.   Ellyson, Samuel W.

77.   Eppes, Edward C.

78.   Estes, John M.

79.   Farley, Richard G.

80.   Faunholt, L. (sic)

81.   Frayser, Richard E. – promoted Signal Corps, Capt. on Staff of J.E.B Stuart

82.   Gilliam, Thomas Q.

83.   Gilliam, William O. (25)

84.   Gills, G.A.

85.   Goddin, John

86.   Griffith, W.H.

87.   Gunn, James M.

88.   Harman, Benjamin (20) - enlist Jun 28, ‘61”New Kent C.H.”

89.   Haynes, W.G., - limited info.; hospital card Mar ‘63 
90.   Hill, Beverly W.

91.   Hill, George W.

92.   Hill, John A.

93.   Hubbard, Benjamin C.

94.   Hubbard, Bowles S.

95.   Hubbard, J.S.

96.   Hubbard, R.H.

97.   Hubbard, William N.

98.   Johnston, J. Silas

99.   Jones, William W. -  William Walter Jones - owner of the place known as "Oak Springs," in Cumberland district, New Kent county, was born in this county, August 28, 1841. He was a son of Daniel Mervin Jones and Margaret Elizabeth (Martin) Jones, who passed their lives in this county, and are now deceased. Both his paternal and maternal grandfathers were soldiers in the Revolutionary war. His grandfather Jones married a Miss Breeden, and they lived in the lower part of New Kent county, where his father, Daniel M., was born. William W. Jones was a soldier of New Kent county in the war between the States. He enlisted June 18, 1861, Company F, 3d Virginia Cavalry, and was first engaged at New Market bridge, then on the retreat up the peninsula, to Richmond, and in the hot fighting around that city and in the valley. He took part in the raid through Maryland and Pennsylvania. While home on furlough, January 26, 1865, he was made prisoner by a scouting party, and held at Point Lookout till the war closed. The first wife of Mr. Jones was Ann Elizabeth, daughter of Colonel Cook of Chestnut Grove. They were married December 17, 1871, and she died May 20, 1873. At Chestnut Grove, September 29, 1875, Margaret Samuel Patterson became his wife, and the birth and death record of their children is: Delaware Mervin, born November 26, 1876, died in August, 1878; Annie E., June 16, 1878; Maria E., July 12, 1879, died August 23, 1880; son born August 21, 1881, died November 7th following; Mary E., born September 21, 1882. Margaret Samuel, daughter of Samuel and Margaret Elizabeth (Chandler) Patterson, who were both natives of New Kent county, was born March 1, 1845, on the estate where she now resides. Thomas Patterson married Sarah Bohanan December 17, 1787, and their son John B., was born October 15, 1788. His son Samuel married Margaret Elizabeth Chandler October 3, 1844. Samuel Patterson was born January 31, 1804, and died April 27, 1847. His wife was born May 1, 1812, and died April 2, 1868. Mr. Jones is farming and lumbering, shipping railroad ties to Philadelphia, and cord wood to New York. He also gives some attention to stock-raising, and his estate is in a fine state of cultivation. New Kent C.H., New Kent county, Virginia, is his address.(Source:  Hardesty's Historical and Geographical Encyclopedia, H. H. Hardesty, 1884.) Transcribed by: T. Lindsay

100.                        Lacy, P. F.

101.     Lacy, Richard Terrell - son of Richmond T. and Ellen G. (Lane) Lacy, was born in New Kent county, February 18, 1842. His parents are deceased. In Caroline county, Virginia, October 4, 1876, he married Lizzie Winston, and their son Richmond T., third of the name, was born February 14, 1882. Lizzie, wife of Mr. Lacy, is a daughter of John R. and Elizabeth P. T. (Fauntleroy) Winston, and was born in Richmond July 27, 1853. Her father died in 1857, and her mother has since married Thomas Stirling, and resides in Essex county, Virginia. The subject of this sketch, and his brother B. W., were Confederate soldiers. Richmond T. enlisted in May, 1862, in Company F, 3d Virginia Cavalry, and served until the army disbanded. B. W. enlisted in 1861, was wounded in the battle of Kelleys Ford in 1862; was again wounded in the engagement at Nance's Shop, in 1864, and received parole in 1865. Richmond T. Lacy owns 675 acres of land about three miles from White House Station. On this farm is a mineral spring of lithia water, which was accidentally discovered in March, 1877. The owner of the land was boring in search of green sand marl on the border of a meadow attached to his land, and after boring through ten feet of dry and almost impervious clay, he struck a stream of water. Upon removing the augur the water rose to the surface and flowed in a bold stream from the opening three feet above it, evidently having its source in some unknown point of higher elevation. Richmond T. Lacy is an attorney-at-law by profession, and was commonwealth attorney, 1872-83. He is now serving as captain and inspecting officer for the 2d Congressional district. Talleysville, New Kent county, Virginia, is his address.(Source:  Hardesty's Historical and Geographical Encyclopedia, H. H. Hardesty, 1884.) Transcribed by: T. Lindsay

102.                        Lacy, Theophilus S.

103.   Larus, T. P., - enlist Mar ’64”Richmond”; paroled Appomattox

104.   Lipscombe, James – enlist Jan 28 ‘64”Richmond”; listed as Camp Lee conscript trans. to Co. F Jan 28, ’64; capt. Spotsylvania C.H. May 8, ’64; released Jun ’65-  place of residence listed as Henrico     

105.                        McKenzie, James M.

106.                        Meanly, John P.

107.                        Mills, William P.

108.                        Moseley, Benjamin

109.                        Mosely, Robert

110.                        Odell, John D.

111.                        Osborne, John W.

112.        Parkinson, John F. - "J. F. volunteered in 1861, served through the war in the 3d Virginia Cavalry, was wounded in an engagement at Nance's Shop, Charles City county, was made prisoner in 1865, and lodged at Point Lookout, whence he was exchanged after three month's captivity."(Source:  Hardesty's Historical and Geographical Encyclopedia, H. H. Hardesty, 1884.) Transcribed by: T. Lindsay

113.                        Parkinson, Joseph W.

114.                        Parr, John

115.                        Parrish, John B.

116.                        Perkins, W.G.

117.                        Perkinson, J.F.

118.                        Pierce, Joseph

119.                        Poe, John

120.                        Pomfrey, George M.

121.                        Pomfrey, William A.

122.                        Rabineau, William

123.                        Ratcliffe, William T.

124.                        Richardson, Colas

125.                        Richardson, John A.

126.                        Slater, John S.

127.                        Spencer, James D.

128.                        Stewart, Robert F.

129.                        Talbott, Charles H.

130.                        Talley, Richard W.

131.  Taylor, Robert Speed – “was born July 10, 1823, in New Kent County, a son of Robert Benjamin and Martha (Meredith) Taylor. His mother was born in New Kent county, and his father came here from James City county. Robert S. enlisted June 28, 1861, in the 3d Virginia Cavalry, and received discharge after about one year's service. At Selwyn, Hanover county, Virginia, October 2, 1877, he married Myra Young Hogan, and Robert Walker, their son, was born November 21, 1878. Mr. Taylor engaged in farming, lumbering and merchandising in Cumberland district, and continued here until his death, March 10, 1882. Myra Y. (Hogan) Taylor was born in Hanover county, at Selwyn, January 30, 1858. She was a daughter of Walker Pervis Hogan and Dorothy Myra Roy (Dudley) Hogan. Her parents were of King William county, and are no longer living. Her father was a soldier of the South, was taken prisoner before Petersburg, and died of measles in Elmira prison, New York. From the time of his death, the home circle was broken, his wife lost health and strength, became a confirmed invalid, and did not long survive him. The grandfather of Walker P. Hogan was killed at the battle of Bunker Hill, and buried on the field. By her mother's family, Mrs. Taylor is of English descent on the one side, and of Scotch on the other. Her mother's grandfather was Peter Whiting, and he married Dorothy Myra Roy, closely allied to Rob Roy, whom Walter Scott has immortalized. The Beverlys of colonial days were her mother's relatives. On the paternal side Mrs. Taylor's mother's grandmother was a Crittenden, the family that gave Kentucky her statesman of that name. The paternal grandmother of Mrs. Taylor was Myra Wiley Whiting, her paternal grandfather, Richard Dudley, of English descent, a relative of Lord Guilford Dudley, whose name is familiar to all who know the story of Lady Jane Grey. Mrs. Myra Y. Taylor has her post office address at New Kent C.H.,New Kent county, Virginia.”(Source:  Hardesty's Historical and Geographical Encyclopedia, H. H. Hardesty, 1884.) Transcribed by: T. Lindsay

132.  Terrell, William A., - enlist Aug 20, ‘62”Stevensberg”; listed as “in hands of enemy since May 8, ’64; POW roll capt. “Spotsylvania”- sent to Elmira, NY; transferred for exch. Mar 10, ’65;

133.   Timberlake, James P., - enlist May 8, ‘62”New Kent C.H.”; listed as “in hands of enemy since 15 Jan ‘64”; POW roll- capt Mar 2, ’64 “New Kent C.H.””captured by Genl Kilpatrick’s Cavalry”; exch. Feb 13, ’6

134.  Turner, Edmund P. – promoted to Staff of Gen. Magruder – 1861. Went with him to the Trans-Mississippi Dept.

135.   Turner, George W., - enlist Jun 1, ‘62”Richmond”; present summer ’64;

136. Turner, Hezekiah (L.) - enlist Jun 27, ‘64”Richmond”; listed as Camp Lee conscript trans. to Co. F Jun 30, ’64; listed as “in hands of enemy since May 8, ’64; listed as present Nov 4, ‘64

137.  Vaiden, Galba – enlist May 22, ’62”Richmond”;

138.   Vaiden, John B.(27) - enlist Jun 28, ‘61”New Kent  C.H.”; trans to Charles City Troop Aug 18, ’61; orderly for Col. Jonathan(?)

139.  Vaiden, Micajah (34) – enlist Jun 28, ‘61”New Kent  C.H.”; det. duty as saddler Jul ‘61 ;Mar ‘62“orderly at Genl Magruders”; disch. Sep 23 ‘62”over 35 years of age” (6’1”-lt comp.- blue eyes- dk hair)

140.   Vaiden, Vulosko (26) - enlist Jun 28, ‘61”New Kent  C.H.”; orderly to Col. B.S. Ewell; trans. to Co. I; member of House of Delegates during war.

141.  Vaughan, William H., - enlist Jun 28, ‘61”New Kent  C.H.”; det. “sailing master on the York River” Apr 26, ’62;

142.  Waddill, Littlebury G., (42) - enlisted Capt. Geddy’s Co. James City Troop, mustered Jun 24, ’61; also listed as enlist Co. F Jun ’61 at “New Kent C.H.”

143.   Walker, Harman B., - enlist Jan 19, ‘64”Richmond”; listed as Camp Lee conscript trans. to Co. F Jul 6, ’64; paroled Appomattox.

144.     Waring, C., - hospital card Oct ‘62

145.     Waring, T.B., - enlist Jun 1, ‘62”Richmond”; capt. “South Mountain” then paroled; “flesh wound r. thigh Sept. 15” on Oct ’62 hosp. rept; “horse killed in action Boonsboro Md Sep ‘62”; horse listed as killed Oct 19(?) ’63 “Buckland, P. William Co. Va; detail. “Government fisheries” Mar- Jun ’64; After Jul ’64 perm. Detail. Quarter Masters Dept.

146.    Waring, T.H., - see above

147.   Waring, William H., - enlist Jun 1, ‘62”Richmond””by transfer”; Present Jun ’64; listed as Cpl. on parole papers. Possible resident of Henrico.

148.   White, R.W., - enlist Jan 27, ‘64”Richmond”; listed as Camp Lee conscript trans. to Co. F Aug 11, ’64;

149.  White, William F., - enlist Jan 27, ‘64”Richmond”; listed as Camp Lee conscript trans. to Co. F Feb 23, ’64; “in hands of enemy since May 8, ’64; listed as “paroled prisoner” at Chimborazo Aug ’64.

150.  Whitlock, Robert - enlist Jan 27, ‘64”Richmond”; listed as Camp Lee conscript trans. to Co. F Feb 4, ’64; “shot through both hips” partial paralysis” Jun 24, ’64; listed as “at mother’s on Broad bet. 23 & 24 sts”; retired disabled. Possible resident of Staunton.

151.    Wilkinson, Lee - enlisted Jun. ’61; oldest man in regiment, enlisted at 59 yrs. of age; disch. Aug. ’61. (more data)

152.     Wilks, Christopher T., - on roster*

153.   Williams, R.L., - enlist Jan 27, ‘64”Richmond”; listed as Camp Lee conscript trans. to Co. F Feb 4, ’64; home listed as “Buffalo Springs, Va.”; detail to private sick quarters Jun ’64; after Sept. ’64 detail to Co. E, 3rd Regt. Va Local Defense apparently employed as clerk in Engineer Bureau. Letter requesting appt. in Engineer Bureau after being found unfit for duty by physician. Probably same person as, R.A. Willis.

154.   Willis, R.A., - listed as having 30 day furlough to “Buffalo Springs” Aug ’64; sometimes listed as “R.L. Willis.” See above.

155.  Woodward, West - enlist Jan 28, ‘64”Richmond”; capt. Mar 2, ‘64“New Kent C.H.” ”captured by Genl. Kilpatrick’s cavalry”; exch. Feb 10, ’65;

156. Wright, G.B., - enlist Oct 1, ‘63”Culpepper” OR Sept 26, ‘63”Richmond”;”in hands of enemy since 25 June 64,” but also listed as constantly in hospital till end of war. The card with “hands of enemy” quote appears to say “G.W. Wright.”

157.   Young, Henry - enlist May 24, ‘64”Richmond”; capt. Spotsylvania  C.H. May 8, ’64; died Mar 18, ‘65”pneumonia”- buried “Jersey Shore.”

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