Pamunkey River

Pamunkey River
The Pamunkey River in 1864

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Casualties of Co. E, (Pamunkey Rifles)53rd Virginia Infantry 1862-1865

The start of what will be an ongoing series on Civil War soldiers from New Kent

Name Rank Type Date Details
Austin, Lewis Delaware Pvt. NC 03/25/63 Howard Grove Hosp., Richmond
Blackburn, Leander C. Sgt. DOW July 1863 Gettysburg- POW
Boaz, David W. Pvt. DOW 05/18/62 Petersburg- Measles
Bowis, William A. Pvt. DOW 06/21/62 wounded Seven Pines
Bray, William Harvie Capt. DOW 07/14/63 Gettysburg- POW
Caul, Lewis H. Pvt. DOW 11/30/63 Ft. McHenry, MD- Pneumonia
Dennett, James G. Pvt. DOW 05/28/62 Richmond- Consumption
Elliott, Thomas L Pvt. NC 05/12/62 Pittslyvannia Co.
Green, George J. Pvt. DOW 06/21/62 Seven Pines- Hospital Richmond
Holley, C. F. Pvt. DOW 05/25/62 Petersburg- Measles
Inman, Pleasant W. Pvt. DOW 07/28/62 Typhoid
Law, Samuel S. Pvt. KIA 07/03/63 Gettysburg
Martin, Major J. Sgt. NC 02/15/63 Chimbarazo Hosp., Richmond
Otey, William Richard Sgt. NC 07/10/62 Chimbarazo Hosp., Richmond
Parrish, Marcus A. Sgt. DOW 10/14/62 unknown
Slaughter, Robert A. Pvt. DOW 12/18/62 Eastern District Hosp., Richmond- Typhoid
Stowe, Samuel H. Pvt. NC 05/24/62 Pittslyvannia Co.
Timberlake, John F. Lt. DOW 08/10/62 Typhoid
Turner, M. L. Pvt. NC 12/24/62 Hospital Richmond
Tyree, Henry R. Pvt. NC 01/17/63 Hospital Richmond
Walls, William Pvt. NC 05/18/62 Hospital Petersburg
Wilson, John F. Pvt. DOW 09/16/63 Hospital Petersburg- Pneumonia

Key: KIA- killed in action, DOW- died of wounds(which includes disease), NC- no cause given.

All data collected by author from original sources

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Green Wood- 1909

                                                                  New Kent News.

Roxbury. Va . Jan. 6-The pretty young lady teacher of White House schools has blistered her hands cutting wood to keep her pupils warm. She showed the blisters which were as large as English walnuts, to this scribe. This is all true. as will be vouched for by the young lady herself. She was deeply affected as she told of the suffer of her pupils.  
This is a shame and disgrace to our county. Where is the man who the county taxpayers are paying ten dollars a year to furnish wood, good dry wood, cut and ready for user? Not green poles and they not cut? What are the county officials doing? I have written to trustees of the conditions and got no relief, not even hot air We hate to say this, for every member of board is a most perfect gentleman and personal friends of the writer, but duty demands this. He that knoweth his duty and doeth it not will be beaten with many stripes.  
Mr. Henry Post, the popular clerk for Mr. C. D. Binns at this place, after spending several days with his parents at Porto Bello, has returned to his duties again. He brought with him a ten pound fruit cake, lot of chochow(sic), pies, four baked rabbits, one turkey, two large fowls, all prepared by his fond mother and enjoyed by his many young friends who hope him a happy new year. 

Truthful Jeems

-Virginia Gazette, 7 January 1909

The teacher, the "pretty young lady" referred to, would have to be Miss Mary Bailey whose hiring at the White House school was mentioned in a November 1908 article by "Truthful Jeems."