Pamunkey River

Pamunkey River
The Pamunkey River in 1864

Sunday, October 18, 2015

A Historic Vista

While exploring the grounds of historic Cumberland Plantation in preparation for the Cumberland Festival 2015. I found myself standing on the grounds in front of the main building. Admiring the beautiful view of the Pamunkey River, a chord was struck in my memory. I snapped a pic with my prehistoric phone and on arriving home compared it to images on my hard drive.
This was the result.
Excuse my cropping ability.

153 years apart

Monday, October 12, 2015

"Unfounded, Meritless, and Unsupported by Evidence."

A California "watch dog group"(that apparently consists of one person) has put on hold the Pamunkey Indians' quest for recognition by the United States Government. Stand Up for California, is an organization concerned with the growth of Indian reservation gambling. It made a last minute appeal to the Interior Board of Indian Appeals the "appellate review body that exercises the delegated authority of the Secretary of the Interior to issue final decisions . . .involving Indian matters."

Apparently the Federal recognition of the Pamunkey has become caught in the crossfire over the little known issues(at least for people on the East Coast) of “off-reservation casinos" and gambling on "tribal trust lands."

"Stand Up for California's request to the IBIA for reconsideration is unfounded, meritless, and unsupported by evidence, . . .The Tribe's sovereign strength, which traces back well before the arrival of the earliest colonists to Virginia, will see it through this frivolous attack as it has seen it through so many other thoughtless, mean-spirited attacks in the past," said Mark C. Tilden, attorney for the tribe and longtime legal advocate for tribes across the United States.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Come to the Event . . .

Come to the Cumberland Festival at historic Cumberland Plantation in New Kent, Virginia, October 17 and 18, 2015. See and learn about Life During the Civil War in New Kent as presented by members of the New Kent Historical Society.  Enjoy the grounds and beautiful autumn vistas of the Pamunkey River.

Yours truly will be one of the featured speakers.