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Monday, April 16, 2018

Casualties of Jones' Co. Va. Heavy Arty. (Pamunkey Artillery . . .)

The Pamunkey Artillery aka Pamunkey Heavy Artillery aka Ellett's Battery aka Jones' Company Virginia Heavy Artillery . . .

Name Rank Type Date Details
Banks, Lafayette W. Pvt. NC 11/15/63 unknown
Burnett, James W. Pvt. NC 01/07/64 Henrico Co.
Linton, Charles Pvt. X 06/20/63 shot for desertion
Meredith, Winston Pvt. NC 04/20/65 wounded Saylors Creek- died POW Hospital, Washington, DC

* Captain Robert T. Ellett

† Captain Andrew Judson Jones

And more soon on Charles Linton and his execution . . .

Friday, April 6, 2018

Casualties of Co. B, (Barhamsville Greys)53rd Virginia Infantry 1862-1865

Company B of the 53rd Virginia Infantry also known as the Pamunkey Rifles was raised in New Kent County. Originally part of Tomlin's Battalion raised to defend the headwaters of the York River.

Name Rank Type Date Details
Bingley, James A. Pvt. DOW 9/20/62 Culpepper-Typhoid
Boswell, Walter H. Sgt. KIA 07/01/62 Malvern Hill
Cross, Richard H. Pvt. DOW 11/27/62 Lynchburg Hosp.- Pneumonia
Davis, Peter Pvt. KIA 07/03/63 Gettysburg
Dodson, Whitman C. Pvt. NC 1864 unknown
Gittman, Francis Pvt. KIA 07/03/63 Gettysburg
Hall, George Pvt. NC 1863 Winchester Hosp.
Hogwood, Charles G. Pvt. KIA 04/03/63 Suffolk
Isaac, Henry Howle Pvt. KIA 06/18/64 Petersburg
Jennings, David Pvt. DOW 07/28/62 Camp Winder Hosp.- Typhoid
Jones, Lewis A. Sgt. NC 01/03/64 Pt. Lookout Prison
Rash, William H. Pvt. KIA 07/03/63 Gettysburg
Richardson, Augustine Sgt. DOW 12/23/62 Gordonsville Hosp.- Typhoid
Robbins, William Pvt. NC 06/02/62 Episcopal Church Hosp., Williamsburg
Saunders, James M. Capt. NC 10/15/62 Richmond
Stell, William A. Pvt. NC 12/31/62 White Oak Hosp., Petersburg
Timberlake, Albert Pvt. NC 03/29/64 Howard Grove Hosp., Richmond
Timberlake, Benjamin W. Pvt. DOW 07/13/63 Gettysburg (prisoner)
Timberlake, James T. Capt. KIA 04/19/63 Suffolk
Traylor, John W. Pvt. DOW 12/26/62 "camp fever"
Tyree, Alonzo Pvt. NC 05/01/62 unknown
Vaiden, Page Harrison Pvt. NC 01/17/63 Hospital - Richmond
Williams, Beverly W. Sgt. KIA 07/03/63 Gettysburg
Williams, Isham E. Pvt. NC 10/27/62 Hospital- Staunton
Woodward, William J. Pvt. DOW 04/18/64 Pt. Lookout Prison

Key: KIA- killed in action, DOW- died of wounds(which includes disease), NC- no cause given.

All data collected by the author from original sources.