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Saturday, November 17, 2012

One hundred fifty years ago . . .

Tribute of Respect.

Camp of the 52d Va Regiment. Near Winchester, Va. Oct. 20th, 1862.

At a meeting of the "Hubbardsville Grays,"Company Regt.Va. Vols, held at their camp on the morning of the 19th instant, a committee were appointed and the following resolutions were offered.
Whereas, it has pleased almighty God, in His mind to take our beloved and sale Jamie M. Saunders, who died in the Battle in Richmond on Wednesday the 15th inst October, 1862, of a wound receive in the battle of Malvern Hill; Therefore,

 1.  That while submissively we bow to the Providence, we still mourn the man that captive us of one whose fellowship and friendship we so much needed, and whose desire was to serve this country in this her time of need. Capt, Sanders was one among the first to offer his service to the Confederacy, and for fourteen months he did all the duties of an officer fearlessly and faithfully, and when the county of New Kent, his place of residence was evacuated, he left home, family and to the mercy of his enemies, to battle for the liberties of his country.
2.Resolved,That while we deeply sympathize with his family in their bereavement, still it is a counseling thought to know that, as a husband and father, he was tender and affectionate, as a friend he was kind generous, and true.
3. Resolved That a copy of these resolutions be admitted wife of the deceased, and also one to the Richmond Dispatch for publication, with the request that the Richmond Whig and the Examiner place copy.

1st Lt Jas B. Timberlake,Chairman,1st Sergt. Augustine Richardson, Sec'y.
 2d. Lt. Wm. T. Burwell, 2d Sgt. W. H. Woodward, 3d Lt. S. R. Richardson, 4th Jno R. Hockaday.

- Richmond Daily Dispatch, November 6, 1862

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Election Results. . . 100 Years Ago

Quinton- Wilson- 27  Roosevelt- 12  Taft- 5
Talleysville- Wilson- 30 Roosevelt- 3  Taft- 4
 New Kent- Wilson- 31 Roosevelt- 4  Taft- 3
 Barhamsville- Wilson- 48 Roosevelt- 13 Taft- 3
Wilson (Democrat) 136  
Roosevelt (Progressive) 32  
Taft  ( Republican) 15