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State Highway Marker

Sunday, June 24, 2018

310 Years Ago - An Object of Mercy

June 24, 1708
Some vagrant Indians of the Tuscoruro nation, who used to hunt for the inhabitants of the frontier Plantations having last fall committed a murder in New Kent County; three of the persons suspected were seized, two of which poyson'd themselves in prison before tryal, the third whose name is Jack Mason was tryed and found guilty by the Jury; but upon such slender proofs that the Commissioners appointed for his tryal thought fitt to recommend him as an object of mercy, and it has been since prov'd that he was at another place some miles distant at the very time the murder was committed: but he being found guilty of wilfull murder which H.M. hath thought fitt to direct shall not be pardon'd here without H.M. express order, I humbly request your Lordps. to move H.M. for her royal pleasure therein. There are other Indians suspected who are now among the Tuscoruros, and a demand hath been made to have them delivered up to Justice, wch. their nation have not yet done; but I hope satisfaction may be had concerning them without any danger to the Country.

-Volume 23 of Calendar of State Papers, Colonial Series: Preserved in the State Paper Department of Her Majesty's Public Record Office,
Longman, Green, Longman & Roberts, 1916

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Sentence of Death for a Tiger

In a post on April 16th I promised I would explain the case of Charles Linton, one of the few casualties of the Pamunkey Heavy Artillery during the war. 
In short how, did he wind up being put up against the wall.

Sentence of Death.- On Saturday morning last Capt. Alexander, Assistant Provost Marshal, read the sentence of death, pronounced by a Court-Martial, on Charles Kelley, alias Charles Linton, formerly a member of the company I, 15th Louisiana regiment, now confined in Castle Thunder, for substitution and desertion. The accused, it seems, after being released from the 15th La. regiment, became a substitute in the Pamunkey Artillery, from which he deserted. The sentence is that the accused is to be taken to Chaffin's Bluff, on the 20th of June, and there shot to death by musketry. Linton denies being the man who substituted and deserted, and is getting up a petition to Gen. Elzey*, asking a pardon.

- Daily Dispatch, June 8, 1863

Execution of a Deserter.- Charles Kelly, alias Linton, who has deserted twice and substituted twice, was shot at Chaffin's Bluff Saturday morning. He met his fate very calmly, requesting the firing squad to take good aim at him. At the signal the squad fired, three balls piercing his heart and three entering his head.

-Daily Dispatch, June 22, 1863

*General Arnold Elzey, Commandant of the Department of Richmond

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Today is Martha Washington's Birthday . . . Kinda Sorta

Today June 2, 2018 is Martha Dandridge Custis Washington's birthday . . . and it isn't at the same time. 

To explain the confusion in pre-1752 dates in the American Colonies, here is a link to an informative article on Old Style and New Style dates from the website of the The Thomas Jefferson Foundation at Montecello.