State Highway Marker

State Highway Marker

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Highway Robbery

Roxbury. Va.. July 28.
 Messrs. C. D. Binns and Bryan Ewan, of this place, who were held up Friday night, in a lonely road by two foot-pads, while returning from a visit to some young ladies, is yet in a nervous state. Not thinking of any danger, leisurely singing some love song, feeling good perhaps from some sweet word spoken by their lady love. When in a dark spot a call to halt was heard from the bushes followed by two shots, the young men became frightened and they ran several miles. More shots were fired when young Mr. Binns fell prostrate upon the ground crying he was shot, but fortunately he was only frightened. Young Ewan left his friend calling for help. The shots out on the midnight air and the calling for help by young Ewan woke up the neighborhood. Soon all quieted down and Mr. Binns go home safe, but lost a pair of gold rimmed spectacles and a fine watch charm. A searching party found young Ewan the next morning hatless and shoeless, in a hallow tree. The young men say they will stay home at nights and the girls will come and see them.

 From the Virginia Gazette, August 1, 1908

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


(Special Dispatch to The Times.)

June 29..A pretty but quiet marriage was solemnized here Wednesday at "Holly Fork" the beautiful and hospitable old home of the Richardson family. The contracting parties were Dr. J. Powell Garland, the presiding elder of the Methodist Conference for the Richmond District and Miss Lucy Lee Richardson, the highly accomplished daughter of the late A. P. Richardson. The ceremony was performed by Dr. Spooner, of Richmond, assisted by Rev. R. T. Wilson, of Petersburg. Miss Nannie Wright, of Toano, was maid of honor and Mr. Thomas Gar land, of Bedford, acted as best man. The bridesmaids were Misses Ellen Richardson and Bessie Farinholt, of West Point. The house was beautifully decorated with ferns and potted plants. After a delightful luncheon. Dr. and Mrs. Garland left for Old Point and Virginia Beach. They will make their home in Richmond.
Among some of those present were: Mrs. Annie E. Richardson, stepmother of the bride; Mr. Thomas Garland, son of the groom; Mr. Murrell and Miss Mary Murrell of Bedford; Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Richardson. Mrs. Walter Hechler, Mr. Kenny Richardson, of Richmond; Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Wright, Mrs. John Geddy, Mrs. Carlton, of Accomac; Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Richardson, of Dinwiddie; Dr. G. W. Richardson, Misses Richardson, of West Point; Miss Goddin, Mr. Eddie Goddin, Mr. Robert Boswell and Mr. C.  Richardson, of New Kent.

 From the Richmond Times, June 29, 1902