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Friday, November 22, 2013

A List of Military Actions in New Kent 1861-1865

A tentative list of military events in New Kent during the Civil War . . .

April 1861. Seizure of Northern ships in the Pamunkey by militia.

May-July, 1862 Peninsula Campaign.

Aug 17, 1862 Reconnaissance toward Forge Bridge.

Nov 22, 1862.Reconnaissance from Williamsburg, Va.

Dec 17, 1862.Reconnaissance to Diascund Bridge and Burnt Ordinary, Va.

Jan 7 9, 1863.Expedition from Yorktown to West Point and White House, Va.

Jan 13, 1863.Expedition from Yorktown to West Point, Va.

Apr 16,1863.Affair on the Pamunkey River, near West Point, Va.

May 3,1863.Skirmishes at Hungary Station, Tunstalls Station, Hanovertown Ferry, and Ayletts, Va.

June 11, 1863.Skirmish at Diascund Bridge, Va.

Jun 20, 1863.Skirmish at Diascund Bridge, Va.

Jun 23-28, 1863.Expedition from Yorktown to the South Anna Bridge, Va.

Jul 1-7, 1863.Expeditions from White House to South Anna River and Bottoms Bridge, Va.

Aug 26-29, 1863.Expedition from Williamsburg to Bottoms Bridge, Va., and skirmishes.

Sept 25,1863.Capture of Confederate steamer near White House.

Nov 9-10,1863.Expedition from Williamsburg toward New Kent Court-House, Va

Dec 12-14, 1863.Expedition from Williamsburg to Charles City Court-House.

Jan 19-24, 1864.Scouts from Williamsburg, Va.

Feb 6-8, 1864.Expedition from Yorktown against Richmond, Va., including skirmishes at Bottoms Bridge and near Baltimore Store.

Feb 28-Mar. 4, 1864.Kilpatrick's expedition against Richmond, Va.

Jun 20, 1864.Skirmish at White House/ Sheridan's Raid.

Jun 21, 1864.Skirmishes at White House or Saint Peters Church and Black Creek, or Tunstall's Station/ Sheridans's Raid.

Jun 23, 1864.Skirmish at Jones Bridge/ Sheridan's Raid.

Jan 30, 1865 Scout of the Chickahominy.

Feb 23-24, 1865.Expedition from Yorktown to West Point, Va.


  1. The Jan 6-8, 1864 should be February.

  2. I'll check, I might have transposed something between copies . . .

  3. You're right, I should stop playing with the format so much.

  4. The fact that had that expedition been delayed by a day or two they might have been able to help those officers that escaped Libby is one of the sad stories of poor timing during the war. As you know, Colonel Rose, who led the escape, was captured near Burnt Ordinary a few days after Wistar's force retired to Williamsburg.

    1. Yes, I'll have Rose's account up sometime soon.