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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Exploding Hens


Eggs got In Deadly Work

Many Hens Killed by Violent Explosions of Their Frozen Product

Richmond. Va., Feb. 21.- A most remarkable hen story, vouched for by veracious and respectable people, comes from New Kent county. W. P. Tunstall, who conducts a large hennery, yesterday found several of his fowls dead, with their bodies badly mutilated. While investigating the cause, he heard a muffled explosion, and saw a hen fall from her nest, torn and bleeding.
    Looking into the matter further, he ascertained that the explosion was due to the fowls sitting on frozen eggs, which when they became warm, exploded, with deadly effect.
    According to Mr. Tunstall, the bodies of the dead fowls had pieces of eggshell all through them.

-from the Washington Post

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