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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Farmers for Victory

                        We Farm for America 
New Kent's Answer to the Nation's Need 
OUR LAND A TRUST: We will treat our land as a heritage from the past which we hold in trust for future generations of Americans. The soil has taken thousands of years to build and we will hand it on richer and more productive than we received it. 
FEED THE NATION: We are called on to feed the nation now in time of war and maybe a starving world when the war is won. In a spirit of unselfish patriotism we will play our fullest part in the nation's war effort in her task of remaking the world.  
DEFEND THE NATION FROM THE FOE WITHIN: We can defend America from the foe within, while the men at the front defend her from the foe without. America has no more deadly enemy than those forces which work to break down her moral character, to destroy her faith in God and divide her by setting class against class and race against race. When the farmers stand firm, America will be proof against all "isms".  
SOUND HOMES FOR SOUND FARMS: We will make our home life a pattern for the nation. The home is the heart of the nation. A country is as strong, healthy and united as its home life. A sound home makes a sound farm, a home where everybody in the family plays his part.  
GOOD NEIGHBORING: We will pursue a good neighbor policy. Neighboring was once the secret of our democracy. Now is the time to bring that spirit back. We need each other today. "Each man for himself" will get us and America nowhere. Neighboring means sharing our tools and our time, knowing our neighbors' needs and doing our best to meet them.  
END PRIVATE WARS: We will end all private wars. Honest apology starts teamwork. National unity begins when you and the fellow you don't get along with straighten things out. Unity between the nations will only come through the same spirit.  
END WASTE: We will end waste in the kitchen, the cash-box, the machinery shed, the barns, the fields, the orchards and the forests.  
OUT TO GIVE—NOT TO GET: Whatever we do we will always think first of what we can give to the nation rather than what we can get from it. 
GUARDIANS OF NATIONAL CHARACTER: We, farmers of America, are guardians of the nation's character as well as of her soil. "In God we trust" was a reality to her founders — not just a catch phrase. With our dependence on Divine Providence we can make that faith live again as the secret of America's strength and greatness. 
Presented by C. Linwood Fisher for a                CLINTON L. WILLIAMS  
group of citizens and approved by              Chairman, Board of Supervisors
the  Board of Supervisors of New Kent              E. E. HARRISON
County,of April, 1943.                               County Clerk  

This is the text of a resolution recently adopted by the Board of Supervisors of New Kent County. If you subscribe to this creed, it is suggested that you cut this from your paper and hang it up in your home or office.

-The Virginia Farm Bureau News, 1 August 1943

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