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Saturday, July 9, 2016

You've Heard of a Fish Story, What of a . . .

                                                             HAWK STORY
New Kent. An accident and incident occurred near here a few days ago when two ladies were talking, as usual, of their nice broods of early chicks. One lady asked the other if she was bothered with hawks. "Yes," was the answer, "this morning I was out feeding my chickens, had them in my lap, admiring their beauty, one had got on my hand. I felt something tugging at my hair and thought it was my young husband. When I looked up, behold a large hawk. It had swooped down, caught my little chick, and in its efforts to get away it got entangled in my hair. It grabbed the little chick and my eye glasses at the same time and made off for the woods carrying both chick and glasses; could see my glasses dangling from its claws. I screamed and my husband came with his gun and went in pursuit of the thief. He had not gone long when I saw the old hawk hack again, and from its claws swung my glasses and chain. I screamed with all my might, but it did no good, as he got away with my glasses. They had just cost, me fifteen dollars."  
News was received here of a hawk being killed near Providence Forge by a colored boy with glasses and a little gold chain around its neck. The home of the boy was located, but the young man said the mother of the boy said her son had killed such, but had gone to Newport News the night, before, carrying the hawk and glasses with him. This ended the unusual incident, yet there remains sad hearts and weepings.- West Point News.

-Rappahannock Record, 18 March 1926

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