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State Highway Marker

Friday, August 2, 2013

". . . was not paid"

The Ninth "on to Richmond."

The Federal in King William have fallen back from Mangohick Church to Acquinton Church, about 20 miles. They destroyed all the crops in their track. By the York River train, yesterday afternoon, we learn that it was supposed the Yankees were leaving and going down the Peninsula. A deserter from the 163rd New York regiment, who was brought to the city, slates that Getty's division embarked at the White House Tuesday afternoon, at 4 o'clock, in transports for Washington. Foster's troops from Newbern, he said, were also reported, in Dix's army, to have gone to the same destination. A division of brigade of Dix's troops had left for Portsmouth Colonel Spear's cavalry were still on the Peninsula. This is a deserter's story, which may be true of may not. The fellow very frankly said that the reason he deserted was because he was not paid.
-Richmond Daily Dispatch, July 9, 1863

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