State Highway Marker

State Highway Marker

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bridge Repairs- Sheridan on the Chickahominy.

                Haxalls, May 16, 1864.

Brig. Gen. D. McM. GREGG,
                Commanding Second Cavalry Division:
The major-general commanding directs that you send one regiment and the pioneers of your division to Jones' Bridge over the Chickahominy and repair said bridge. You will send this detail without delay. If you require them, more tools can be sent you from these headquarters.

                        JAS. W. FORSYTH,
            Lieutenant-Colonel and Chief of Staff.

-The war of the rebellion: a compilation of the official records of the Union and Confederate armies. ; Series 1 - Volume 36 (Part II)

 Colonel James W. Forsyth went on to command the 7th Cavalry and was the commander of U.S. forces at the Wounded Knee "Massacre." He retired from active duty in 1906.

In this well-known photograph from the Peninsula Campaign, General Fitz-John Porter(he of the indomitable stare) confers with his staff. Lieut. George Custer reclines with the dog while Capt. Forsyth sits on the trunk on the left enjoying a pipe.

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