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State Highway Marker

Monday, April 8, 2013

Reaction in New Kent to the Harpers Ferry Raid

More Volunteers.- Capt. Vaiden(Melville Vaiden) of the New Kent Troop, with Lieut. (Telemachus)Taylor and Surgeon Tyler(Tazewell Tyler??), arrived in this city yesterday afternoon, to tender the services of that company, 60 strong. to Gov. Wise, to go to Charlestown and aid in repelling any invaders who might attempt to release from prison the famous land pirate, incendiary and murderer, John Brown. News reached New Kent yesterday morning that 5,000 armed men were marching upon Charlestown, and the Troop of that county determined at once to join their brother soldiers in repelling the invaders. Of course they were very much surprised to hear that there was no truth in the report, and that their services were not needed. For their promptness and patriotism, however, they deserve all praise, and will doubtless receive the thanks of the Commander-in-Chief on his return to the capital.

- Daily Dispatch, November 22, 1859

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