State Highway Marker

State Highway Marker

Monday, December 9, 2013

Expedition to Charles City- I

 150 years ago this week . . .

  "In the early winter of 1864 a very successful reconnaissance was made up the Peninsula. The storm and blackness of the night kept our march from the enemy's notice. Reaching the Chickahominy River at daylight the pickets were surprised. A quick gallop of six miles brought us to Charles City Court House, where a part of the Hampton Legion was encamped. Nine miles from Richmond mistaking a tented field for the enemy's quarters the regiment charged it when a guide riding back informed me that the main body occupied the Court House at the right. With a rear guard of forty men we swung sabers, advanced carbines, mounted the hill receiving a volley which emptied four saddles. The dash drove the enemy within- when we dismounted broke in the rear door, cleared hallway and room after room and forced the surrender of one hundred men capturing all equipments. It was a clever fight with many narrow escapes. It gave the men the confidence of a dash and courage which animated them in after fields."

The Personal Reminiscences of Colonel Edgar A.Hamilton of the First Mounted Rifles
 Historical Sketches of The Romer, Van Tassel and
Allied Families and Tales of the Neutral Ground

Copyright 1917
by John Lockwood Romer.

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