State Highway Marker

State Highway Marker

Friday, December 20, 2013

Improving Notoriously Bad Roads

New Kent Supervisors may Authorise
Issue of $10,000.

[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]

Roxbury. Va.. April 12.- A bond issue of $10,000 is being considered by the Board of Supervisors of New Kent County, for the purpose of building good roads. Charles City County, which adjoins New Kent, will soon issue bonds in the amount of $50,000 for road building. Never before in this region has there been so much enthusiasm for good roads and other public improvements. Post-Office Inspector Wall, of Washington, has been here for the past week going over two proposed new rural free delivery routes, one in New Kent twenty-four miles in length, with seventy-seven families and 215 patrons, and the other in Charles City, twenty-seven miles long, with 126 families and 318 patrons.
-The Times Dispatch. (Richmond, Va.) April 13, 1913

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