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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Expediton to Charles City- VII: Snark

 Wherein John Moncure Daniel of the Daily Richmond Examiner gives us an example of his attitude toward the Davis administration and its handling of military affairs . . .


From the Richmond Examiner, Dec. 16.

 We have some facts concerning the inconsiderable
cavalry affair at Charles City Court-house.
Several citizens of the county have made the trip to
Richmond to post us as to the facts. Two companies
of our cavalry were captured entire. We lament
the loss of the horses. The force of the enemy,
as estimated by our informants, who counted them
on their way up to the Court-house, was two hundred.
The number of our men captured was at least
two hundred. Each Yankee took a man. One
of our companies was on parade when the enemy
came in sight, and, without resistance, threw
down their arms and surrendered, the other company
made a show of resistance, but only a show.
The citizens of Charles City mourn this event—they
weep and cannot be comforted, because all the cavalry,
who, up to this time, have been roaming over
that country, shooting deer, partridges and poor people's
turkeys, had not been captured. A few more
of the sort are unfortunately left. We regret to learn
that Lieut. S. BALLARD. of this city, was very badly
wounded. We are said to have killed six Yankees
and wounded many, but we think this very doubtful.
The enemy burnt the Court-house and returned toward
Williamsburgh. It is unnecessary to make any
comments on this brilliant affair.

-The New York Times, December 18, 1863

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