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State Highway Marker

Monday, December 16, 2013

Expedition to Charles City- IV: Recriminations

Ruins of Tavern and Houses at Charles City Courthouse

Capture of two companies of our
cavalry on the Peninsula.

Two companies of our cavalry were captured by the enemy on Sunday morning near Charles City Court-House. The facts, as we have obtained them, with reference to the affair, would seem to indicate a lack of vigilance on the part of our troops at that point. On Sunday morning, an hour after sunrise, the whole of Major Robertson's command, consisting of two companies of the 42d Virginia battalion of cavalry, were completely surprised, and, with one or two exceptions, all the men captured. It is said that the surprise was so complete as not to admit of resistance. The capturing force was composed of cavalry, and came up on the main road from Williamsburg.

It was reported here yesterday morning that the enemy had destroyed the village of Charles City Court-House, but later in the day the report was contradicted. They did, however, burn two or three buildings in the place.

-The Daily Dispatch, December 15, 1863.

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