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Friday, December 26, 2014

Running with Little Ruby

A Hot Chase With a Big Pack in New Kent.

(Special to The Times-Dispatch.)
ROXBURY, VA., December 27.- One of the most exciting fox chases in New Kent for some time took place Christmas day, when Mr. Lee Jenk Boze and his brother, Joe Boze, of Highland Springs, with thirty-six hounds; Willie and George Ellyson, of Quinton; W.H. Graves, of Seven Pines, with fifty-four dogs, as fine as can be found in Virginia. The day was an ideal one-cool, clear and calm. After leaving Dispatch Station Mr. Joe Boze's Little Ruby, struck a hot trail, and was soon followed by her companions, Storm and Fleet. They soon had old Reynard on his feet, and without a hitch for forty minutes the sweetest music in all the world rolled over the hills from the red mouths of forty hounds, which, mingled with the shouts of many happy riders, could be heard for many miles out on the soft morning breeze.
The old fox, being hotly pursued, used every trick known to his kind to elude its pursuers, but alas, poor Reynard, with brush down, tongue protruding and all heart gone, headed for a hog lot and sought protection among the hogs. Here he found no friends, for soon the hogs had the fox cornered and was making short work of him, and when the boys came up it took seven huntsmen to get dogs, fox and hogs separated. In a moment old Reynard was cold in death, swinging from the saddle of Mr. Graves.

-The Times-Dispatch(Richmond), December 28, 1905

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