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State Highway Marker

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What's In A Name?- II

 The follow up to yesterdays . . "What's In A Name?- I"

We do not know whether our good friend is trying to get some advertising for his home town, or means to give us a little kindly advice. It is no fault of this paper that Boulevard(or Windsor Shades) is not better known. A little judicious advertising on the part of those who have 200 lots to sell, etc., would enable us to get a correspondent there, and at the same time secure some buyers for said lots. It takes money to conduct a newspaper, just as it does to conduct a farm, or to promote a town site. But if our good friend will send us a news letter every week, he will find that the name of the place, at least, will be known.- Ed. Gazette.

-Virginia Gazette(Williamsburg) April 11, 1913

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