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Monday, December 8, 2014

What's In A Name?- I

Boulevard, alias Windsor Shades.
Boulevard Postoffice,
Windsor Shades Station, Va.

Editor Gazette:
I wonder if the Editor of The Gazette knows that there is a place on the C.& O. by the above address? I learn from passengers who come here, that when they asked for tickets to Boulevard, the answer is " no such station on our line." They should be informed through the press or officials of the road that the station at Boulevard Postoffice(sic) is Windsor Shades, or there should be but one name.
I am a reader of the Virginia Gazette, and do not see any mention of this place. Would it not be well for the editor to have a correspondent here for his own good? It might be the means of circulating his paper and making it of more attraction for others to know that there is such a place. We have here, at the head of navigation on the Chickahominy river, a manufacturing establishment for making truck veneer barrels and others in the knock-down; sawed staves and headings, sawed lumber and lathes. We have also built a stable for cows and barn room, with a view to starting a dairy, and ask the farmers to contribute by keeping more cows on their farms, and help to fill their pockets by supplying a fertilizer to keep up the land to produce whatever is planted or sown.
We have a hotel, and a schoolhouse that is used for holding meetings of all denominations, and store, and several new buildings started, and more to follow. We have 200 lots laid out for a town, and several sold, and material to build up as fast as possible. Those who have not visited us are invited to call on us and we will show them around the village of Windsor Shades, and the many advantages to settle in a healthy part of the old Virginia on productive land and among good neighbors. We have lived here nearly one year and came from the northern part of New York, where the winters are long and severe, and we preferred this climate to any we have visited. We have several coming from the north who are going to settle here, and we hope to raise enough to supply the demands without sending abroad for necessary supplies.

A Northerner.

-Virginia Gazette(Williamsburg) April 11, 1913

-To Be Continued-

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