State Highway Marker

State Highway Marker

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Accident on Old Forge Pond- 1869

        Fatal Accident-Man Drowned.
-A few days since a party of five workmen started from Mr. Pearson's farm in New Kent county, to go to their homes. There were among them four white men and one colored man. When they got to Providence Forge mill-pond they were compelled to take a small boat with which to cross. They had proceeded half-way across the pond when suddenly the boat capsized from some cause that cannot be explained. The men were all thrown out, and all, with the exception of one named Phillips, gained a tree in the middle of the pond. Phillips sank immediately after he was thrown into the water, and was seen no more. Strange to say, he was the only man in the party who could swim, and his companions cannot account for the manner of his drowning. The men who succeeded in getting to the tree remained there during nearly the entire night crying for help, which was rendered them early the next morning. Phillips' body had not been found at last accounts. He was an honest, hard-working man, and left a small family.

-The Daily Dispatch, 23 July 1869

The Gilmer map of 1863 above shows the residence of E. C. Person just to the west of the "Forge Mill Stream"(Rumley Marsh).

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