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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Travel 100 Years Ago- Baltimore via the York River Line

The City of Annapolis


On October 21 the Chesapeake Steamship Company placed in service on its York River line the palatial steamer City of Annapolis and on November 17 the City of Richmond will be placed in service, giving to Baltimore a daily service to West Point and Richmond, Va. Beginning November 17, the following schedule will be maintained: 
Leave Baltimore . . .              6.00 P.M. 
Arrive West Point . . .            7.00 A.M. 
Steamer Train- leave West Point . .7.20 A.M. 
Steamer Train- arrive Richmond . . 8.30 A.M. 
Between Richmond West Point and Baltimore 
Steamer Train- leave Richmond . . .5.30 P.M. 
Steamer Train- arrive West Point   6.40 P.M. 
Steamer leave West Point . . .     6.50 P.M. 
Arrive Baltimore . . .             7.00 A.M. 
The service via the Southern Railway between West Point and Richmond will be performed by a special steamer train with parlor car and day coaches. The line between West Point and Richmond has been conditioned enabling the steamer train to make the run- thirty-nine (39) miles- in an hour and ten minutes. The pier at West Point has been rebuilt for the convenient transfer of passengers between the trains and the ships, making the entire service first class in every respect. 
The steamers City of Annapolis and City of Richmond have a gross tonnage of 1,923 tons and a net tonnage of 1,127 tons. She is 277 feet over all 53 feet over guards and 43 feet beam at the water line, with a carrying capacity for 600 tons of freight and accommodations for 400 passengers. She has 117 rooms with running water in all rooms. Eight rooms contain double brass beds and connect with bath room; five rooms with double brass beds and shower bath; seven rooms with two berths and connecting with bath rooms, and four rooms with two berths and shower bath. All bath rooms and shower baths are equipped with hot and cold, fresh and salt water. She is equipped with Marconi wireless, interior telephones for communication between state rooms, and when alongside the dock connection is made with the city telephone system. The dining room is located on the gallery deck forward and has a seating capacity for sixty people. A special feature of this steamer is the segregation of the colored from the white passengers, a number of rooms and a smoking room on the main deck aft having been set aside for the exclusive use of the colored passengers. A handsomely furnished smoking room for white passengers is located on the gallery deck aft. 

-Baltimore(magazine), November 1913

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