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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Gallow's Ball VII - Arrivals

Arrival of Prisoners.
Sheriff Royster and his deputies, Z.T. Crump and Charles Tinsley, arrived here from New Kent county yesterday afternoon, having in their charge the four negroes arrested for the murder or John C. Lacy. Two are to be hanged on the 2-th March, and in the mean time will be confined in Henrico jail. Claiborne Smith, upon whose confession mainly these two were convicted, will be taken to the penitentiary for eighteen years. The fourth accused has elected to be tried in the Circuit Court, which meets on the 25th of May. 

- Daily Dispatch, 21 February 1879

Arrival of the Last of the Lacy Murderers.- Deputy-Sheriff Z.T. Crump, of New Kent, arrived in this city yesterday, having in charge Griffin Bagby (colored), arrested on suspicion of being one of the parties to the Lacy murder. The accused was locked up in the Henrico county jail for safe keeping until the March term of New Kent County Court.

-Daily Dispatch, Feb 27, 1879

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