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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Notice to Conscripts

Notice to conscripts of New Kent Charles City, and James City counties.

--All persons in the counties of New Kent, Charles City, and James City, between the ages of eighteen and forty years, whether residents of any other portion of the state or of other States, are hereby required to report themselves to the Enrolling Officer and Examining Board for examination and enrollment on the days fixed in the annexed notice of the Examining Board.

Rendezvous for Charles City county is Charles City Court-House.

This notice includes every person between the ages specified; those who have been heretofore examined and discharged, either by the State or Confederate Surgeon; those who have at any time been discharged from the army; those who have furnished substitutes and any and all persons who may claim exemption on any ground whatever — No person's discharge, exemption or detail, from any source, will excuse from attendance at the place appointed.
Attention is called to XIII sections 2 and 3, General Orders No, 82, as follow:
2. All the laws and regulations applicable to deserters shall be applied to such conscripts as fall to repair to the place of rendezvous for enrollment, or who shall desert after enrollment.
3. All the agencies employed for the apprehension and confinement of deserters, and their transportation to the commends of their respective commanders shall be applicable to persons liable to duty as conscripts who shall fail to report to the place of rendezvous after the publication of the call.
Conscripts will come provided with at least three days rations.

Jno. A. Coke,

 Capt. and Enrolling Officer for 3d Con. Dis't.

The undersigned, one of the Examining Board for the Third Congressional District, under General Orders 82, Adjutant and Inspector-General's office, hereby given notice to all whom if may concern that he has fixed upon the 13th, 14th, and 15th days of January for the examination of conscripts who shall assemble at New Kent Court-House, from the counties of New Kent and James City; and the 20th, 21st, and 22d of January for the examination of conscripts who shall assemble at Charles City Court-House, for the county of Charles City, in pursuance of the notice from the commandant of conscripts.
O. R. Early,

Examining Surgeon.
print run ja 6--5t

-Richmond Daily Dispatch, December 13, 1862

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