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Saturday, June 15, 2013

New Kent's Members of the House of Burgesses

1654         Robert Abrell* (or Abrahall)
1656        ----------------
1658         William Blacky (or Blacke)
1659         William Blacky
1660         Robert Abrahall    William Claiborne    Manwaring Hamond
1661-76    Robert Abrahall(1661 sess.- Mar. 1662)    William Blackey
                 William Claiborne
1680-82    John Langston(1)     Charles Turner
                 George Morris(Jun. 1680)    John West
1684         John West    Joseph Foster       
1685-86    John West    Richard Littlepage
1688         John West    Joseph Foster
1691-92    John West(1st sess.)    William Leigh(2)
                  David Crawford    John Lydall
1693         William Bassett    John Lydall
1693         William Bassett    Gideon Macon*
1695-96    William Bassett    Daniel Parke(1st Sess.)(3)    Joseph Foster
1696-97    William Bassett    Gideon Macon     William Crawford(4)
1698         William Bassett    Gideon Macon
1699         William Bassett    Gideon Macon
1700-02    William Bassett    Gideon Macon
1703-05    Joseph Foster        Gideon Macon (5)       William Bassett
1705-06    Nicholas Merriwether    Nathaniel West
1710-12    Nicholas Merriwether    John Stanup
1712-14    Nicholas Merriwether    John Stanup
1715         Nicholas Merriwether    John Stanup
1718         Nicholas Merriwether John Stanup
1720-22    Nicholas Merriwether        John Thonton    Thomas Massey
1723-26    John Thornton        Thomas Massey
1728-34    Richard Richardson    ______ Bacon   
                  William Chamberlayne    William Bassett
1736-40    William Macon    William Chamberlayne(6)    ____ Doran
1742-47    William Bassett    William Gray
1748-49    William Hockaday    William Massie
1752-55    Richard Adams    James Power
1756-58    Richard Adams    James Power
1758-61    Richard Adams    Lewis Webb
1761-65    Richard Adams    Gill Armistead        Burwell Bassett(7)
1766-68    William Clayton    Burwell Bassett
1769         William Clayton    Burwell Bassett
1769-71    William Clayton    Burwell Bassett
1772-74    Bartholomew Dandridge(8)    Burwell Bassett
1775-76    Bartholomew Dandridge    Burwell Bassett

1- Disallowed for participating in Bacon’s Rebellion
2- Represented New Kent in 1st session than new county of King and Queen
3- Elevated to Governor’s Council
4- Represented New Kent at one day April session
5- Died during session
6- Died during session
7- The senior and brother in law of General Washington
8- Brother of Martha Washington

- Chiefly from The General Assembly of Virginia, July 30, 1619 - January 11, 1978

I will be following this up with brief bios of the members over the next few weeks . . .

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