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Friday, June 14, 2013



--Large numbers of farmers in King William, New Kent, and Charles City, are removing their stock and negroes from their farms, to prevent them from [ from ] falling into the hands of "Yankee raiders." 

-Richmond Daily Dispatch, June 15, 1863

The Peninsula.

It was stated in the city early yesterday morning that information had been received of the landing of a heavy column of troops by the Federal at some point on York River West Point is the safest base of operations on that river, and we learn that yesterday, when the train on the Richmond and York River Railroad left the White House, there were no Yankees at the point below. The train brought up one Yankee deserter, who had left his comrades during the recent Chickahominy raid.--The rumor mentioned may be baseless, though the Fortress Monroe correspondent of a Baltimore paper, writing on the 18th, says that "important movements are in progress" in that vicinity. With the forces from Suffolk the Peninsula Yankees might risk a feint on Richmond, with the hope of turning Gen. Lee's attention from Washington.

 -Richmond Daily Dispatch, June 23, 1863

 The Peninsula.

There are no movements on the Peninsula. Our cavalry are scouting below Barhamsville, in New Kent, and on Sunday killed a Yankee picket and wounded another. This occurred between Barhamsville and the Brick House. The Yankees are clearing out the country below there. They burned the house of Mr. Pinckney Walker last week, and are carrying off all the negroes they can lay their hands on. The York River train last evening brought up about fifteen men and one woman, who were caught trying to get through our lines to the enemy. Most of the men had been employed in the Government workshops here. The citizens on the Peninsula took the parties in custody and sent them up to Richmond. All hands of them were sent to Castle Thunder. There are no gunboats lying off Yorktown.

  -Richmond Daily Dispatch, June 24, 1863

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