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Monday, October 21, 2013

Sour Grapes

Some times a title just writes itself . . . The Times of Richmond, April 13, 1902


An Old Fox-Hunter Makes a Rare Find in New Kent

(Special Dispatch to The Times)
Roxbury, VA., April 12- Col. S.L. Savage, the veteran fox-hunter while out a few days ago with his pack of fine fox hounds ran an old red fox into a hollow. After much trouble he got the dogs away: the he went back to get the fox. He found it was an old mother fox with six little ones, apparently not more than two days old. 
Mr. Savage is very tender-hearted gentleman. He would not disturb the happy family, but says if the Deep Run Hunt Club, or any one else, will get the whole family for them. They will be fine size by the fall for good sport. Red foxes are generally scarce. He will tell no one where they are for fear some one would exterminate the whole family of rare beauties.

. . . The Times of Richmond, May 18, 1902 . . .

 Mr. Surthy(sic) Savage the veteran fox-hunter who lives near Talleysville is greatly worried. He has been completely outwitted by two old foxes upon which he has sworn vengeance. Mr. Savage is now three score and ten and will tip the scales at 240 pounds. Though his hair is silvered by the storms of many winters he is as bright and active as many at twenty-five. 
Some time ago while he was enjoying a fox-hunt, his dogs ran old fox into a hollow log. When he got close enough he was surprised to find a whole family of young foxes. They were such rare beauties that he has made great calculations what he was going to do with the little pets. mention was made at the time through the press. The result was that over a hundred applications were made for them. 
A few days ago he went after the family. To his surprise no foxes could be found. The old foxes had moved to some other home. Now he is very sorely grieved. He is still hunting for them. He say he will kill the last one.

That S.L. "Surthy" Savage is in fact Southey L. Savage(1833-1915). As for the Colonelcy, he was a sergeant in Co. F "New Kent Cavalry,"the 3rd Virginia Cavalry, until 1862 when he held a Lieutenancy in the Confederate Signal Corp. More on Southey Savage later. . .

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