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Friday, April 4, 2014

Pollard and Dahlgren- "the hero of the exploit"

Lt. James Pollard.
A friend writes to us correcting an error into which some of the city papers have fallen, in stating that the officer in command of the forces that killed Dahlgren was Lieut. Spotswood Pollard. Spotswood Pollard is a gallant private in Co. H., 9th Virginia cavalry, and bore his part well in the affair; but the hero of the exploit was Lieut. James Pollard, of New Kent county. He was in the city at the time the enemy approached it, and hurried to his company, then in King William, remarking that they might go that way, in which event he would endeavor to lay tithe tax upon them. He got there just in time to collect, with his own company and others, near one hundred men, with which he routed and captured a force of two hundred under Dahlgren.

-The Daily Dispatch: March 8, 1864

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