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Monday, July 28, 2014

Some Virginia Indian Words- Addendum

 As you might have noticed from the posts entitled "Some Virginia Indian Words" and "Some Virginia Indian Words, 2", William Tooker and William Gerard did not seem to see eye to eye . . .

Along linguistic lines have been the personal studies of Mr William Wallace Tooker and Mr William R. Gerard, several of whose papers, which have appeared in the American Anthropologist, have elicited attention not only by reason of the general interest in the origin and meaning of aboriginal Virginian names that has arisen on the eve of the three hundredth anniversary of the founding of the Virginia Colony, but because of the apparently unalterable differences between some of the conclusions reached by these two students. For several years Mr Gerard has been engaged in compiling a dictionary of all the words that have entered English from the Indian languages of the three Americas and the West Indies. This work, which has grown to be very voluminous, gives (1) the various spellings of the Indian word; (2) a definition of the object named; (3) historical quotations from various authors, giving a history of the word; (4) the etymology of the word; (5) the combinations into which the word has entered.

-American Anthropologist, Volume 8
American Anthropological Association, 1906

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