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Saturday, January 10, 2015

More New York at Eltham 1862- The Funeral of Friederick Pross

The ceremonies in honor of Lieutenant Pross who was mentioned as among the dead in my post Monday.

FUNERAL OF LIEUTENANT PROSS, OF THE THIRTY-FIRST REGIMENT NEW YORK VOLUNTEERS.--The police and military are making quite extensive preparations for the funeral of Lieutenant Pross, of the Thirty-first regiment (formerly of the Metropolitan Police), killed at the battle of West Point, Virginia. The funeral will start from St. Marcus' church, Sixth street at half past one tomorrow. Superintendent Kennedy has issued the following order:—

NEW YORK, May 22, 1862.
Captain ____, Precinct—:—In accordance with the recommendation of the Committee of Arrangements for the funeral of Lieutenant Frederick Pross (who resigned his membership in the force to volunteer in the military service of the country), of Company F, thirty-first regiment New York State Volunteers, who was killed at the head of his company at the battle of West Point, you will parade on Sunday, 25th inst., with two sergeants and twenty-five patrolmen—captain and sergeants in full uniform, with belts and batons, patrolmen full uniform, except batons.
Drill Instructor Captain Turnbull is assigned to the command of the force upon this occasion, to be assisted by such aids as he may designate.
The line will be formed in numerical order in Washington square, south side, right resting on University place, at twelve o'clock M. precisely. Captains will report to Captain Turnbull immediately upon the arrival of their commands in Washington square.
The force of the Seventeenth Precinct will be detailed as the guard of honor. The flags at the station houses will be displayed at half mast during the day.
John A. Kennedy, Superintendent.

The line will be formed on First avenue, right resting on Sixth street. Societies intending to join in the obsequies are requested to report to Captain Turnbull on the ground. The line of march will be through Eighth street to Broadway, down Broadway to South ferry. The police force will cross over to Brooklyn and continue the line of march up Atlantic street, to Court street, down Court street to Hamilton avenue ferry, along Hamilton avenue to the bridge.

From the records of the 31st New York at the New York Military Museum and Veterans Research Center.

According to the pension information filed by his wife Elizabeth Louisa, the 41 year old Pross was from Gochsheim in the Grand Duchy of Baden in Germany. Before the war he had been a barber in the Little Germany area of the Lower East Side of Manhattan. (You will notice, of the fatality list of the 31st New York I posted, that all but four of the eighteen had German surnames.)
Friederick Pross left behind five sons between the ages of 16 and 4.

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