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Monday, February 23, 2015

Affair on the Road to Williamsburg, Va.- February 1865 II

The attack on the Williamsburg pickets was apparently no local affair, being carried out under an officer of, if not actually by members of, John Singleton Mosby's 43rd Virginia Cavalry Battalion of partisan rangers.

An Exploit of some of Mosby's men.
Northern Virginia seems not to afford full occupation for the gallant and adventurous rangers of Colonel Mosby. Within the last week some of them have been stirring up the Yankees on the York peninsula. We are informed that, last Friday night, Captain Richardson, with sixteen men, all of Mosby's command, dashed into the town of Williamsburg, and, successfully pretending to be the advance of a cavalry brigade, cleared a regiment of Yankees out of the town, unhorsing upwards of a dozen and killing half that number. None of Captain Richardson's men were struck, though six of their horses were killed under them. They brought off a number of horses and some other plunder.

-The Daily Dispatch(Richmond), February 14, 1865

Captain Tom Richards of Company G made a trip to Williamsburg on a scouting expedition and created considerable consternation and captured a number of prisoners. 

-Mosby's Rangers: A Record of the Operations of the Forty-third Battalion of Virginia Cavalry from Its Organization to the Surrender
James Joseph Williamson
Sturgis & Walton, 1909

Captain T.W.T. Richards '60, who was an officer of the Confederate army under John S. Mosby, died at his home at Glendale, California August 18. Captain Richards was born in Loudoun County Va., in 1841. He was graduated in law at the University of Virginia. Shortly after the commencement of the Civil War he entered active service and soon became one of the personal attaches of Mosby. He was twice captured and three times wounded. In 1866 he moved to Los Angeles Soon afterwards he became secretary and treasurer of the Providencia Land and Water Company and was active in founding the town of Burbank. Since that time he had been engaged in the real estate business.

- Alumni Bulletin of the University of Virginia, January 1913

From Mosby's Rangers

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