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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Bleak House Estate

THREE VALUABLE FARMS IN NEW KENT, NEAR TO YORK RIVER RAILROAD,FOR SALE AT AUCTION -1st. Bleak House Estate is situated in the upper end of New Kent county, (40 acres being in Hanover,) it contains 450 acres, about 250 cleared, the balance well wooded, is remarkably healthy, and in as good a neighborhood as any in the State; the land is very good along the streams, and the high land is fully equal to any adjoining, as the crops will indicate. Marl is abundant, one mile off, and from the quantity of marl weed along the branches, most be on the farm. The house contains 6 rooms, and is beautifully situated. one mile from the first Depot of the York River Railroad and 12 from Richmond It will be shown to any one by Mr. Foster McGhee who resides upon the premises, or Mr R.R. Duval who lives opposite.—
Possession given 1st of January next, or sooner if desired. The above farm will be sold on FRIDAY, the 31st of October, 1856, on the premises, at 11 o'clock, immediately afterwards will be sold two other farms, one containing 300 and the other 100 acres, adjoining the 1st Depot of the York River Railroad, and lying upon the Chickahominy River, half cleared and half in woods with some very valuable timber, and being directly on the Railroad, a saw mill might be very profitable. The land is very superior, and when the Railroad is completed must be very valuable. Those in want of good land would do well to attend this sale as both the situations and the quality of the land really deserve attention. Terms accommodating.
                GODDIN & APPERSON,
                   oc 16—2awtd                        Aucts

EIGHTY-SEVEN AND A HALF ACRES FOREST LAND, IN NEW KENT COUNTY, FOR SALE AT AUCTION.—After the foregoing sale will be sold the above tract of land. It adjoins the lands of Mr. Braxton Garlick, Dr. Webb and Mr. Courtney. Terms: One-third cash; balance at 6 and 12 months, for negotiable notes, interest added, secured by a trust deed.           GODDDIN & APPERSON,
                           oc 18—2awtds             Auctioneers.

-The Daily Dispatch(Richmond), October 18, 1856

For those who are curious, Bleak House was published serially from spring 1852 to fall 1853.

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