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Saturday, July 4, 2015

At a meeting of the committee for New Kent County . . .

The Laird' himself

At a meeting of the committee for New Kent county, at the courthouse, the 3d of May, 1775. 

Resolved unanimously, that Lord Dunmore's conduct, in removing the powder from the magazine of this colony, on board an armed vessel, at the time and in the manner it appears to have been done, was an ill advised and arbitrary step, tending to disquiet the minds and endanger the safety of his Majesty's loyal subjects of this colony in general, and of the inhabitants of the city of Williamsburg in particular.
Resolved, that his Lordship's verbal answer to the address of the Mayor, Alderman, and Common Council of the city of Williamsburg, was unsatisfactory and evasive*; and that his Lordship's not returning the powder, agreable(sic) to their request, and the known desire of the people of this colony, is a sufficient proof that he was influenced by the worst motives.
Resolved, that this, and other parts of his Lordship's conduct, which have lately transpired, evince him to be an enemy to liberty and the true interests of this colony, and a zealous supporter of tyranny and despotism over the people who have the unhappiness to live under his government; and that he has, thereby, forefeited all title to their confidence.
Resolved, that the city of Williamsburg are entitled to the ready and cheerful assistance of this county, in case they should be in danger from an invasion or insurrection.
Resolved, that the thanks of this committee are due to the committee of Hanover, for communicating their order of the 2d instant; that this committee are sensible of the dangers that threaten us from the Governour's conduct, as well as from other quarters, and will co-operate with a majority of the counties of this colony in such measures as shall be adopted for their defence and preservation.
 It appearing to this committee, that a body of armed men, from the county of Hanover, have marched through this county, in order to make reprisals upon the King's property, to replace the gunpowder taken from the magazine,
Resolved, that such proceedings make it particularly necessary for the inhabitants of this county to prepare for their defence, against any dangers that may ensue in consequence of it, by keeping their arms in the best order, and the greatest readiness, to act on any occasion.
Resolved, that it be recommended to the inhabitants of this county immediately to form a company of volunteers, to be assembled at the lower part of this county, ready to act on any emergency, as may be found necessary.
        By order of the committee.
                          (A copy) WILLIAM SMITH, clerk.

- from the Williamsburg Virginia Gazette

 *"That hearing of an insurrection in a neighboring county, he had removed the powder from the magazine, where he did not think it secure, to a place of perfect security; and that upon his word and honour, whenever it was wanted in any insurrection, it should be delivered in half an hour; that he had removed it in the night time to prevent an alarm, and that Captain Collins had his express commands for the part he had acted; he was surprised to hear the people were under arms on this occasion, and that he should not think it prudent to put powder into their hands in such a situation."

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