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State Highway Marker

Monday, July 20, 2015

Burning Boats 1864

Meeting of the Council.
A communication received by the Mayor from certain citizens of the county of New Kent, as also resolutions adopted by the County Court of Charles City, asking that some steps be forth with taken to induce the Confederate Government to desist from the contemplated plan of destroying all the bridges and boats on the Pamunkey and other rivers running through those counties, and also for the protection of their fisheries, was read and referred to a committee of three, consisting of Messrs. Walker, Haskins, and Glazebrook. [As the city of Richmond is largely interested in the successful operation of these fisheries, the object in bringing the matter before the consideration of the Council was that body might take some notice of it previous to its reference to the President of the Confederacy.] It being a subject of some urgency, the committee waited upon His Excellency President Davis soon after the adjournment of the Council.

-The Daily Dispatch: March 24, 1864.

These gentlemen would be, 1) Richard O. Haskins, a director of the Farmers Bank, from Jefferson Ward, 2) Richard F. Walker, printer at the Examiner, from Madison Ward, 3) Larkin W. Glazebrook, a lumber dealer, from Monroe Ward.

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