State Highway Marker

State Highway Marker

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Train-Car Collision 1945

Richmond, Aug. 28—Virginia’s highway deaths since the wartime speed limit of 35 miles was lifted last Friday rose to a count of 14 today for the five-day period. The most recent fatality occurred at midmorning yesterday at Windsor Shades, where Mrs. W.S. Dunn, of Bland, Va., was instantly killed when she drove across a track where a freight train had passed and was struck by a crack passenger train on the Chesapeake and Ohio line which had been obscured to her. Bystanders said Mrs Dunn had taken her husband and a friend to a bus and that, in order to reach it, the two had circled around the freight train to the other side while Mrs. Dunn waited in her car for the train to pass and that she failed to see the passenger train coming on the adjacent track.

-The Highland Recorder(Monterey), August 1945

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