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Thursday, September 29, 2016

When it Rains . . .

New Kent Couple Were Gathering Lost "Whips" From Buggy Wheels 
Roxbury, Va., Aug. 13-This section has been visited by a heavy rain and windstorm. No damage was done -only two young people have been left in a nervous state. It was while returning from a visit and some distance from home when the storm broke on them. Young Willie Bruden and a lady friend were driving home at a fast gait and noticed a long black object wrapt around the wheel. Thinking it was a whip some driver had dropped, he reached out, took the object, placed it under the eat of his buggy and kept on. In a little while another whip was seen around the wheel. This too, was taken, in. 
"Well," said Willie, "it is an ill wind that blows no one some good." 
All went nicely. They reached home all right and put the buggy away. The next morning Willie went to look for his two black whips; as he supposed, but was surprised to find snugly coiled up under the seat two large black snakes of unusual size. As the wheels passed over them they got caught in the wheel and held fast until young Bruden took them in out of the wet. After killing, the snakes he went to the house to tell his lady friend. As he reached the house he heard the lady scream. While hanging out the robe to dry another snake crept out. This one had been carried into the house by the lady the night before and the unwelcome visitor had spent the night in the folds of the buggy robe. They say never again will they take hold of anything that looks like a snake in the dark.

-Alexandria Gazette, 13 August 1915

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