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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Forest Fire of 1910

The year of 1910 was a year of terrible forest fires across the western United States contributed to by severe drought. The West was not the only place affected. A two month drought had struck the eastern United States in the spring of 1910 only breaking in April of that year.

The heavy forest fires of late have caused the destruction of thousands of dollars worth of standing timber a this section. Many dwellings having narrowly escaped destruction. At New Kent Court House, the beautiful Baptist church, Corinth, was destroyed by the fire and the beautiful residence of Mr. T.N. Harris, our county clerk, was only saved by the heroic efforts of the ladies who formed a bucket brigade and fought the flames; one young lady, a daughter of Mrs. J.M. Harris, came near loosing her life, her clothing having been set on fire two or three times. Cord wood and ties owned by Mr. R.E. Richardson were destroyed, with not a cent of insurance on anything. The organ and a few of the pews of the church were saved.

-Virginia Gazette, 21 April 1910

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