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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Watch Out for . . .


Pumpkin Story Easily Believed After Christmas Cheer. 
(Special to The Times-Dispatch.) 
ROXBURY, VA., Jan. 6- A peculiar accident happened near this place a few days ago. Joe Macon is worthy colored man, and a prosperous farmer, who makes a specialty of raising pumpkins of enormous size, which he has given the name of "Fitz Lee." Joe Macon was raised on the old White House farm and belonged to the Lee family, a fact about which he feels very proud.  
Old Joe is fond, of pumpkin pie. Every Christmas he brings the choicest one to the house and pies are made of it.  
They are sent broadcast over the neighborhood to his white friends, who pronounce them fine. Tuesday evening Joe called his boys to help bring up the pumpkin. It was of enormous size, weighing about one hundred and eighty-five pounds. The pumpkin had to be rolled up a hill. One of the boys let the huge vegetable get a way. It went down the hill at a rapid rate. A beautiful Holstein heifer, a great pet of the old negro's, was leisurely chewing its cud, unmindful of the impending danger, when it was struck fully amidship and knocked over. it was soon found that its back was broken and two ribs, so it had to be killed to end its suffering.  
The pumpkin struck a tree and was burst open. Then was made a discovery that caused surprise to all and no little excitement. In the neck of the pumpkin was found nine, large black snakes, which had gone into winter quarters and were in a comatose state. They were easily dispatched.  
Now old Joe will not use the pumpkin, as he fears that those who eat the pies will have snakes after them.

- Times Dispatch, 7 January 1904

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