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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Another Bird Story


A New Kent Lady's Plan to Increase Energy of Lagging Hens.  
(Special to The Times-Dispatch.) 

ROXBURY, VA., Jan. 14.-There are not quite so many happy homes in New Kent as usual. The cause of all the trouble is nothing more than  that the hens been three months one general strike. Eggs at thirty cents wholesale.  No not more than three or four eggs per day out of a large flock is more than the housewife can stand. The verdict of death will be read to whole flocks of fowls in the near future unless they do
One lady near this place hit on a happy plan. Her fowls were well fed and sheltered but would not lay. She had a load of manure hauled. No sooner had the wagon been unloaded than the Whole bank of manure was covered with the fowls. The lady went out some time later,to her surprise she found thirty-two eggs laying nil around where the hens had been feeding. The lady was delighted, and the news soon spread all over the neighborhood. Then the husbands had to come out from their warm roosts, hitch up and go after manure.

 -Times Dispatch, 15 January 1904

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