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State Highway Marker

Monday, February 11, 2013

Ordered to Leave

Correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch.
Incendiary language.

New Kent County, Va., Dec. 4, 1860.
On Tuesday last a party of gentlemen formed themselves into a Vigilance Committee, and waited upon a man named Peter Lufkin, who was engaged with Mr. Alexander Libby, of Maine, in the lumber and ship-timber getting. It seems that on Sunday he, the said Lufkin, in the presence of several gentlemen, uttered language to this effect: "That he was an abolitionist, and would head any party who desired to ran off negroes; that he believed that the institution of slavery was contrary to all laws, both Divine and constitutional, and that he would ever contend — indeed, would take arms in order to assist the slave to escape," &c. When confronted he did not deny, but reiterated the same sentiments. Whereupon, the committee (one of whom I had the honor to be) informed the gentleman that he must leave immediately, and [ acccordingly ] conducted him to West Point, and to-day he will start home, where sentiments like his may be expressed without fear. In the camp there are about forty, all of whom seemed much exasperated against him. Thus, you see, that Virginia cold, she is in fact South Carolina. We are ready and willing for secession.
Tours, &c.,

R. C. A.

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