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State Highway Marker

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Reassessment- III

A few more notes, this time dealing with the people on the list . . .

2) George Timberlake. Why is he on the first list, but not the second?

2) Susan Toler. Married to Henry Toler she held Cumberland plantation in her own name as an inheritance from her first husband. In the 1860 census schedule she is listed as holding 60 slaves of all ages. The 1860 Property Tax book lists 29 slaves over 12 years of age( but some more were very close to that age according to the census) so 34 would represent virtually all of the adult Toler slaves. The Toler slaves will prominently figure in some upcoming posts.

3) There are several large owners of human property in New Kent who are totally unrepresented: George Brumley(24 slaves in Property Tax books), Henry M. Sherman(36), Isaac Vaiden(27), Richmond T. Lacy(33), Braxton Garlick(41), and of course W. H. F. Lee(78).

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