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Monday, March 10, 2014

The Reassessment- I

Even in the Nineteenth Century people complained about their tax assessment, but this request for adjustment is a bit different . . .
(sorry about the crooked columns- it's properly aligned in my editor)

New Kent County                                              New Kent County
At a Court of Quarterly session begun and held for said county on Thursday the 10th day of March 1864 at the Courthouse of said County.

                                Elijah Ball                      Presiding Justice
                                John C. Apperson
                                Wm W. Taliaferro
                                Benj. Timberlake
                                Robert F. Carter

On the application of the following named citizens of the County that they are erroneously assessed by Edmund W. Allen the Commissioner of Revenue with taxes for the year 1863 on slaves, who, since their lists were rendered to the said Commissioner have escaped to the enemy, namely

Thomas W. Atkinson                   1 slave valued at                                     $ 866.00
Wm F. Atkinson                           1                                                              633.00
Ira L. Bowles                               4                                                             1500.00
John Ball                                      6                                                             3315.00
Sarah T. Crump                            4                                                             3600.00
Bat. D. Christian                           6                                                             3858.00
D. P. Chandler                              1                                                               600.00
James I. Drake                             1                                                             1000.00
Ann M.V.Farinholt                        7                                                             4200.00
A. C. Farinholt                             7                                                              4830.00
Geo. L. Timberlake                       2                                                             1466.00
Ro. A. Farinholt                            4                                                             2544.00
James M. Goddin                        17                                                           12750.00
Mary H. Howle                             2                                                             1600.00
John A. Hockaday                        1                                                               675.00
Roland Jones                                4                                                              2400.00
Martha A. Jones                           1                                                                700.00
Burwell B. Jones                           6                                                              3300.00
Vernon P. Jones                            3                                                              1725.00
Thomas S. Morris                         6                                                              3000.00
Thomas S. Martin                         1                                                                700.00
Wm B. Merry                               1                                                                462.00
John Parrish                                 14                                                              8400.00
M.C. Poindexter                           6                                                              2940.00
J.L. Poindexter                              9                                                              5000.00
John A. Richardson                       5                                                              3000.00
Wm P. Richardson                         1                                                              1200.00
Wm T. Ratcliffe                             1                                                                600.00
Richard G. Smith                           4                                                              2908.00
P.F. Taylor                                     1                                                                800.00
Frs H. Timberlake                          1                                                                550.00
Susan Toler                                  34                                                             21080.00
Ro. L. Timberlake                          4                                                               2844.00
Wm F. Timberlake                         1                                                                 600.00
John M. Timberlake                       6                                                               5000.00
Thos W. Timberlake                    14                                                             10560.00
Nathl J. Turner                              8                                                               4640.00
R.B.  Weisiger                               3                                                               2040.00
Wyatt S. Woodward                     7                                                               3010.00
Jno R. Williams                             2                                                                 776.00
Mary C. Williams                          6                                                               2800.00

And that they desire to be relieved from the payments of the taxes so imposed; and John P. Pierce esq, the attorney prosecuting on behalf of the Commonwealth in this Court being  present and defending said applications, and the Court being satisfied that the said applicants are erroneously charged upon the Books of the said Commissioner of the Revenue for  the year 1863 for the slaves so escaped,
Doth order that the said applicants

Thomas W. Atkinson from the payment of $                       8.66                      
Wm F. Atkinson                                                               6.33
Ira L. Bowles                                                                  15.00
John Ball                                                                         33.15
Sarah T. Crump                                                               36.00
Bat. D. Christian                                                              38.58
D. P. Chandler                                                                   6.00
James I. Drake                                                                 10.00
Ann M.V. Farinholt                                                           42.00
Avery C. Farinholt                                                            48.30
Geo. L. Farinholt                                                             14.66                                    
Ro. A. Farinholt                                                               25.44
James M. Goddin                                                           127.50
Mary H. Howle                                                               16.00
John A. Hockaday                                                             6.75
Roland Jones                                                                   24.00
Burwell B. Jones                                                              33.00
Vernon P. Jones                                                               17.25
Tho S. Morris                                                                  30.00
Tho S. Martin                                                                   7.00
Wm B. Merry                                                                   4.60
John Parrish                                                                    84.00
M.C. Poindexter est                                                        29.40
J.L. Poindexter est                                                           50.00
John A. Richardson                                                          30.00
Wm P. Richardson                                                           12.00
Wm T. Ratcliffe                                                                  6.00
Richard G. Smith                                                              29.08
P.F. Taylor                                                                          8.00
Frs H. Timberlake                                                               5.50
Susan Toler                                                                     210.80
Ro. L. Timberlake                                                             28.44
Wm F. Tmberlake                                                               6.00
John M. Timberlake                                                          50.00
Thos W. Timberlake                                                        105.60
Nathl J. Turner                                                                  46.40    
R.B.  Weisiger                                                                   20.40
Wyatt S. Woodward                                                          30.10
Jno R. Williams                                                                    7.76
Mary C. Williams                                                               28.00

each, be and they are hereby exonerated of the said sums have not been already paid and if  paid that the sums so paid be refunded to them respectively ordered that the following named persons, Thomas W. Athenson,Wm F. Atkenson, Ira L.  Bowles, John Ball, Sarah F. Crump, Bat. D. Christian, D.P. Chandler, James I. Drake, Ann  M.V.Farinholt, Ro. A. Farinholt, Avery C. Farinholt, James M. Goddin, Mary H. Howle, John A.  Hockaday, Roland Jones, Burwell B. Jones, Vernon P. Jones, Tho S. Morris, Tho S.  Martin,Wm B. Merry, John Parrish, the estates of Martha C. Poindexter and J.L. Poindexter  John A. Richardson, Wm P. Richardson, Wm T. Ratcliffe, Richard G. Smith, P.F. Taylor, Frs H.  Timberlake, Susan Toler,  Ro. L. Timberlake, Wm F. Timberlake, John M. Timberlake, Thos W.  Timberlake, Nathl J. Turner, R.B.  Weisiger, Wyatt S. Woodward, Jno R. Williams, and  Mary  C. Williams, be and they are hereby released from the assessment of thirty per cent upon so  much of the Revenue tax assessed against them and from the payment of which they have been exonerated by an order of this Court entered on this day, on account of slaves escaped to  the enemy.
And the sheriff is hereby ordered to credit the said person by the thirty per cent assessed against them for County purposes, on the sums of money from the payment of which they have been released.

-New Kent County Court Order Book, 1860-1867

#2719104 10/8/2013

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