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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Body Found! Mysterious Case!

 . . . but first, lets hear about this dogs running loose case.

                                               New Kent Notes

ROXBURY, VA Dec. 12.- There is being tried today a case in which much interest is manifested. Mr. E.J. Clopton of Quinton has issued a warrant against his son-in-law, Mr. G.C. Tate, for damages done his sheep by the dogs of Mr. Tate, as he claims. This Mr. Tate denies.
Mr. Tate is a prosperous well-to-do farmer and lumber merchant. He has employed Hon. R.T. Gregory, of Tunstalls, to defend the case, which will be heard by Squire Charlie Tunstall.
There are no developments in the mysterious murder case. Mr. Roy Ford found the body of a young white man near Roxbury on November 29.
Murder most foul was undoubtedly committed by some party or parties unknown. No doubt the mysterious persons- two women and one man, who frequently visited the section where the body of the young man was found have some clue, as days were spent in digging along the banks of the main stream. They had a chart and followed it closely going in 20 rods of the body. When there they came to a stream of water and stopped. Had they crossed this little stream, ten feet from the stream was the body of young man, covered with leaves, a log, resting on each arm and one leg, to keep the limbs down. Had he recovered from the murderous blow he was so pinioned down that nothing was left but slow agonizing death.
One dozen hair pins, a little gold ring and little faded photographs of some girl, a little ribbon bow was all that was found on the body.
A rural route will soon be established from Quinton as the inspector has been here.Mr. W.R. Ruckles will apply for the place of carrier and will no doubt be appointed as no one opposes him.

-the Williamsburg Virginia Gazette, December 16, 1905

One of the most strange(strangely?) written articles I have ever come across.

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