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Monday, September 1, 2014

Fog of War

Another Rumor.
It was currently reported yesterday that the enemy had landed a force at the White House, on the Pamunkey river, twenty-four miles from Richmond, and that their advance had reached Tunstall's station. The numerical strength [ of ] this force is not mentioned, but those who credit the report believe that it is a body on raiding purposes intent. A well informed gentleman, who left King William county yesterday morning, gives it as his opinion that the story is entirely without foundation.

-The Daily Dispatch (Richmond) August 29, 1864.

The rumor that the enemy had landed in force at the White House, on the Pamunkey river, is without foundation. There might have been a small party in the vicinity on Saturday morning, though this is doubtful. An official dispatch, received on Sunday evening, states that there was no enemy there at that time.

-The Daily Dispatch (Richmond) August 30, 1864.

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