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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The S.S. Chickahominy, Part II


THE S.S. Chickahominy went on her trial trip off the Hartlepool coast on the 4th inst She is the second of a group of three steamers built at the Middleton Shipyard West Hartlepool by Messrs. Furness, Withy, and Co., Limited for the Chesapeake and Ohio Steamship Company and is fit not only for general cargo, but especially for the carriage of live cattle from the United States to this country. Two whole decks, almost from stem to stern are given up to the accommodation of live cattle and numerous improvements are provided for their safety and comparative comfort whilst on the voyage, the arrangements for ventilation and for the rapid supply of fresh water deserving especial mention. The vessel is provided with main engines and boilers from the Central Marine Engine works West  Hartlepool, the cylinders being 28 in., 431 1/2 in., and 72in. in diameter by 48 in. stroke. The boilers are two large double-ended boilers working at 160 lb. per square inch, made on the plan universally adopted at the Central Engine Works, with welded and flanged shellplates. The trial trip took place on a most unfavourable day, there being a heavy sea running and much wind, which prevented anything like a test being made of the speed of the vessel.

-Engineering, Nov. 17, 1893

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