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State Highway Marker

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Jim Crow at Work

                                                          In New Kent
                                            (Special Dispatch to The Times.)
    NEW KENT C.H. VA., October 9.-The registration in this county is very satisfactory to the Democrats. It is as follows: Weir Creek- white 81; colored, 16. Cumberland- white, 112; colored, 21. St. Peter's- white, 56; colored, 20. Black Creek- white, 60; colored, 19. Total white, 318; total colored, 76.
Previously the white registration has been about 400 and the colored 800. New Kent is now a white county and safely Democratic.
-The Times(Richmond), October 10, 1902

This is what the new state constitution of  1902 had been designed to do.

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