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State Highway Marker

Monday, August 4, 2014

Three Apprehended


[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
WILLIAMSBURG, VA.,March 12.- Officer J.T. Crute of New Kent, and Sheriff L.P. Trice, of James City, captured three negroes, William Tabb, Arthur clayton and Ozie Williams, all residents near Toano, Friday, and they are now lodged in the New Kent County jail, charged with having committed a number of robberies the past few weeks.
The men were arrested for robbing the store of Robins Brothers in New Kent Thursday night. According to Officer Crute, the men confessed to this robbery and three others, one of which was that of the general store of J.E. Banks(Ranks?) at Toano. The men were said to have gotten away with considerable loot.
Because of the bad condition of the roads the prisoners could not be taken back to New Kent Friday, and were brought here for the night, having been taken to Providence Forge by train this morning.

-Richmond Times-Dispatch, March 13, 1922

It does say something of the Peninsula's roads, that in 1922 the 13 odd miles as the crow flies was considered too difficult a trek

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