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Monday, August 18, 2014

She Said . . .

Pretty New Kent Girl Declined to Wed and Go to the Far Away Philippines.
 (Special Dispatch to The Times.)
ROXBURY, VA., August 8.— Wednesday. August 13th; was the day appointed for one of the most brilliant marriages of the year to take place near here. Invitations had been sent out and preparations had been made. The young lady is one of the most beautiful and most popular of the county. The young, man is also a handsome soldier boy; stands six feet, with piercing black eyes, and is as straight as an Indian. He was reared in this county and is now at home from the Philippines, where he. has been doing service for Uncle Sam, and carries the honorable scars of many a hard-fought battle.
It had been understood between the two that when the time of his enlistment  was out they would marry. So true to his word he came to claim the one who had promised to be his bride, and all arrangements had been made for the happy event, when - a few days ago, this handsome soldier boy received  this message: "I love you. Jimmie, but I cannot go with you to that far-off country. So we had better declare our engagement off. It was a great surprise to all.
The young man will leave September 13th to join his command, as he has reenlisted for five years more, though his heart will be sad.

- Richmond Times, August 9, 1902

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