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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Running With the Hounds

There was much excitement near Quinton a few days ago, when a colored woman came near being frightened to death. Mr. Harvey Mantelo, a prosperous young farmer in that neighborhood, has a pretty little son and the father humors him to everything he wants. Some time ago he told his father he wanted a little billy goat. So the young farmer bought the goat. At the, same time he was raising a pair of young hounds. It seems that the goat and hounds grew up together and became very fond of each other. When the dogs got large enough to go hunting the goat would go too. It is said the goat will keep up with the hounds. It cannot bark like the hounds, but it makes a terrible noise just the same. It seems a colored woman who lives in the neighborhood left home early one morning to see a friend and left a small child in the care of a larger girl. She had not gotten far when she heard some hounds running and a terrible noise in the same direction. The poor frightened woman thought it was her child calling- and the hounds, would devour it before she could get to it. 
It was nothing but the little billy goat running with its companions. It was a long time before she could be restored to consciousness, when found by one of the neighbors.

-The Times(Richmond), 3 November 1901

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